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Local Pet Store in Kota Damansara Apologises After Being Slammed Online For Poor Treatment of Pets



Source: PDRM (Facebook)

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Who doesn’t love animals? Whether it be cats or dogs, hamsters or gerbils, it’s safe to say that everyone has thought about getting a pet at some point in their lives, especially during their childhood.

But taking care of an animal isn’t as easy as it seems, and sometimes pet stores can have trouble taking care of them as well.

Yesterday (30 November), Facebook user Davina Goh called out local pet store HyperPets Centre at Kota Damansara after she witnessed horrible treatment towards its animals in a Facebook post.

In her post, she writes: “Hello HyperPets Centre Kota Damansara, please take a look at your gerbils. One needs medical attention.”

Davina also recalls an incident that happened a while ago where she witnessed a staff member screaming “DIAM!” and banging on the cage of a dog that was squirming from the small space.

“One time I also saw your shop selling a prairie dog, which was squeaking because it was frustrated being stuck in its small cage, and one of your assistants was annoyed and just banged the cage with her fist and said ‘DIAM!'”

She finishes her post by calling the store out for their poor ethics and practices, writing: “I only come here to buy cat litter but I’ve had enough of your poor business practices. Selling animals with no care nor compassion. Please work on this. Thank you.”

Seeing this, we reached out to HyperPets Centre to hear their response to these claims being made online.

Speaking with  WORLD OF BUZZ, they tell us: “We have taken immediate actions to solve the issue. The gerbils have been provided medical treatment and are now split into individual cages.”

They also commented on their staff’s poor attitudes towards the animals.

“Regarding this matter, I am so sad that the staff’s attitude is so emotional. We will provide proper training as well as the knowledge to all the staff.”

We urge all pet stores in Malaysia to take care of your animals with compassion and love! And for everyone else to always, always call out unethical behaviour when you see it in real life.


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