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Lady Stuns Everybody With Her Photos and You Will Not Believe How Old She Really Is!



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Recently, a Chinese lady shocked the internet when pictures of her was shared by her.. wait for it.. granddaughter!

Yes gais, the grandma is looking stunning in a recent photoshoot she did, which was arranged by her daughters for her 50 year old birthday.

Apparently, Qin Ling. who’s a mother of two and grandmother of one, claims that sleeping naked at least once a week and taking hot baths is her secret to eternal beauty.


She also recommended patting your face daily and using homemade face masks if you want to look like this on your 50th birthday:



Hot damnnnn!

Netizens all over the world were shocked by how well she kept her looks and body over the years and some even wanted to follow in her footsteps to being forever young.



Some may argue that this lady may had something done to her through cosmetic surgery hence her incredible looks. However, in an interview, Qin revealed that she was divorced, and as a single mother, never had much money to spend on herself. Therefore she relied on simple, inexpensive methods like face-patting, sleeping naked and using a special face mask of cucumber, yogurt, honey and pearl powder.

And just like that, well.. You be the judge.






Qin also mentioned that she receive plenty of attention and calls from men, some were more than twenty years younger than her! Except being flatter, the hot grandma turned these men away as she was hoping to find a more suitable mate and settle down with someone older for the rest of her life.



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