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KFC Launches Free Image Bank Full Of High Resolution Pictures For Businesses To Use!


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Source: Nmia 尼未亞 | Facebook

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Have you ever noticed that, when buying fried chicken from street vendors and eateries, the images on their menus or banners look exactly like KFC fried chicken?

Well, that’s because it might actually be images of KFC fried chicken, and KFC is well aware that their images are being used by vendors.

Which is why they’ve decided to publish KFC ChickenStock, a stock image website full of pictures of their fried chicken, free for all to download and utilise! (Unfortunately, due to heavy traffic, KFC ChickenStock is temporarily down.)

Chicken 1

The Nmia 尼未亞 Facebook page took to their profile to showcase the website.

“The official Kentucky (Fried Chicken) has announced a free stock photos website, providing various high resolution photos of their products, ranging from menu to (individual food) items,” they wrote.

Chicken 2

So, you might be wondering, why would KFC freely provide their high-resolution images for the general public to use to promote their own businesses?

“No, the colonel is not crazy. We’re just happy they love our images as much as we do. Because even though they can borrow our pictures, they will never borrow our taste,” KFC shared.

And it all started when they realised that businesses were using low quality versions of their images.

Chicken 4

It has come to our attention that many shops are using photos of our chicken to sell, well, their chicken. We get it. They look so crunchy, juicy and irresistible. If it’s a temptation for customers, we can imagine what its like for competitors,”

“What we can’t accept is that they’re using them improperly. Pixelated, and in low resolution. People want to see crunchiness, not pixels. That’s why we created KFC ChickenStock. A whole image bank full of KFC Chicken. Free of pixelation, free of distortion, free of charge. Ready to be borrowed,” KFC explained.


It’s truly amazing to see how such a huge brand is so happy to share their images so that small and medium business owners can flourish, after all, not a lot of big brands would allow other businesses to utilise images of their products.

Kudos, KFC, for being a good sport!

What do you think of KFC ChickenStock? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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