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Kembara Kitchen Founder Shocked by Uni Students’ Laziness & Lack of Common Sense


Kembara Kitchen Founder Shares How Uni Students Are Taking Shortcuts To Interview People - World Of Buzz 1
Source: Hot Course Group / Facebook

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Sadly, common sense is not so common among university students anymore, at least not in this case.

Kembara Kitchen founder, William Cheah recently took to Facebook to share a shocking experience regarding how a varsity student approached the organisation for an interview. Apparently, the public university student had reached out to Kembara Kitchen for an interview through WhatsApp.

Here’s the screenshot of the conversation between the student and the spokesperson from Kembara Kitchen.

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Source: facebook

Without introducing his/her name, the student casually sent a document to the interviewee before the spokesperson could even agree to participate in the interview. William was shocked by the unprofessional attitude and lack of common sense displayed by the student and decided to point out all the student’s mistakes in his post.

Here’s what he wrote.

1. Much of the information you need is already on our Facebook page. Do a bit of research first before approaching us. Learning this skill will help you when you start looking for a job.

2. When communicating with another person, it is very critical that you identify yourself to the person you’re speaking to. Not your job or your standing but your name. It’s also good to know the name of the person you’re addressing.

3. If this was my assignment, I would’ve done it online too due to the distance. But I would’ve requested for at least a video interview. There’s WhatsApp, which is literally free. This is the part where finding solutions to solve an obstacle comes in. In this age and time, don’t you think you should have thought of that? 

4. Giving up so easily? Where is the perseverance? Again, if this was my assignment, I would’ve at least asked what was the reason the interviewee couldn’t help. 

5. When you need someone to help you or to buy into your idea, you need to be convincing. You don’t just take the easy way out. You ask your ‘client’ what is needed to get them to support you. You share options or ask for their thoughts. You try to find a way that they prefer or is the most convenient for them, not for you.

6. Sincerity and belief is very important when you’re dealing with both internal and external ‘clients’. People need to know that you yourself believe in what you’re doing or the idea/product you’re selling. But when you do things half-heartedly, why should we even bother entertaining you when you can’t even be bothered? 

“So please, until the day you guys are serious about doing this, don’t waste our time asking us to fill up forms to meet your credit requirements. We have better things to do with our time,” he added.

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Image is for illustration purposes only | source: hot course group

Netizens applauded William’s post as many have encountered similar situations before. “A student once approached me with such attitude and I ended up doing the assignment for the student,” a netizen said. 

Honestly, we couldn’t agree more with William as we really can’t brain some of the things that university students are doing these days. For instance, there are actually fresh graduates who ask for jobs by requesting the potential employer to ‘PM’ them on Facebook! *facepalm*

Yes, these things do happen! Don’t believe us? Check out the full story below.


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