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“Just quit if you can’t handle them” M’sian Kindergarten Teacher Throws Student In Anger



Source: Negeri Sembilan Kini | Facebook

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Just imagine how the parents watching this must feel.

A video was posted in the Facebook group Negeri Sembilan Kini where a kindergarten teacher was seen carrying and throwing one of her students in anger.

After throwing the student, the teacher can be heard yelling at the student in anger and asking him to leave the area. Surprisingly, another teacher in the area could be seen ignoring the entire situation.

“If you don’t think you can handle children’s antics, you might as well quit. There are so many other people that can replace you.”

Unfortunately, the location of the kindergarten was not disclosed in the video. Facebook users chimed in with their comments chiding the teacher’s actions and demanded her to be fired from her job.

“Please take action towards the kindergarten and the employee. How could they treat someone else’s child like that? If you’re feeling angry, express it outside the classroom and calm your mind instead of punishing innocent children.

These are the bases for child abuse cases. If someday the employee herself has kids, this is how she will probably treat them. Hopefully people like these are kept away from our children.”

“Don’t use stress as an excuse. If you’re stressed out, just take leave. How is it that even her colleagues don’t notice her mood that day? It’s important for them to take notice to avoid incidents like this from happening again.”

“If you can’t be a teacher, just quit, pity the children! You want the salary but not the work. It’s not cheap to send children to kindergarten nowadays, the fees itself could reach thousands beating out some universities. Imagine sending your children and they get a teacher like this!”

We hope the authorities look into this issue and make sure appropriate actions are taken against the teacher and the kindergarten management!



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