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Islamic Preacher Spreads Hope Among Street Workers in Touching Instagram Video


Nsfw: Islamic Preacher Takes To The Streets To Spread Positivity Among Street Workers - World Of Buzz
Source: Instagram & Remaja

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We’ve heard all the tales of women and transgenders working street corners into the wee hours of the night, but have you ever heard the tales of how they ended up there in the first place? Better yet, have you heard of anyone who would go up to them just for a chat?

Sure, movies depict that anyone wasting their time by talking will get a beat down from their pimps, but one man decided to give it a shot anyway.

Ustaz Ebit Lew, an Islamic motivational preacher, decided to take to the streets to spread a little positivity among the ladies that not only work there but also call it home in his latest Instagram video.

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12malam tadi terus pergi ke lorong-lorong jumpa transgender/maknyah dan wanita-wanita kerja lorong. Menangis selepas jumpa mereka. Tak berhenti mereka cakap terima kaseh datang. Tak pernah lagi sesiapa datang di lorong ini beri nasihat. Itu paling buat saya sebak dihati. Sebak menangis bila dapat jumpa saudara yang baik yang diuji dalam kehidupan. Ada seorang ni mula kerja lorong dari umur 11 tahun lagi.Untuk sara dan bantu keluarga adik beradik. Sehinggalah hari ini. Menangis saya dengar. Ada dari 14tahun dan 15 tahun. Saya peluk transgender maknyah mereka terharu sebak. Tak peluk wanita . Mereka bawa saya ziarah semua wanita dan transgender yang kerja lorong. Banyak soalan mereka. Saya sedih tengok tempat kerja mereka. Bilik panas dan sempit. Ada yang yang tadi belajar solat dan lain-lain. Bila mereka tekun dengar nasihat. Ramai tinggal tempat kerja mereka sedangkan malam ini malam minggu ramai orang. Mereka terus ikut dan banyak dapat berbual dengan mereka. Mereka sedar jelas halal dan haram . Ada seorang kakak ni dah lama kerja ini. Suami dah takde. Dari 13 tahun. Sampai sekarang kerja lorong. Anak 3 orang belajar Mesir. Bila anak minta duit dia bagi dan anaknya tak tahu kerja maknya. Dia seorang diri besarkan anaknya. Saya doakannya dapat keluar dari kerja semua ini dan anaknya dapat bantu ibunya. Sedih menangis kakak tu. . Mereka kadang menangis seorang diri kuat berdoa minta Allah beri kekuatan dalam perjalanan menjadi hamba Allah dan rindukan keluarga . Pohon doa nak teruskan program 3hari Motivasi untuk mereka semua. Hari tu ramai dari seluruh Malaysia datang sukarela nak belajar solat dan semuanya selama 3hari 2malam saya buat di PortDickson. Mereka azam nak ikut bersama. Pohon doa semua yer buat saya dan mereka semua dan semua manusia didunia ini. Supaya kita semua sama-sama disayangi Allah dan diampuninya. Ya Allah diriku mengadu betapa lemahnya dan kekurangan dalam dakwahku. Maafkanlah diriku. Mereka semua baik-baik -ebitlew #dakwahsebenarjalanan #doortodoorebitlew #astroaosis #PertubuhanKasihUmatMalaysia #jemputbawakeluargasunnah #tourOktober2019 #www.keluargasunnah.com @elews_design @paramountcoffeehouse #isterikubidadari #ebitlew #transgender

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Admitting that he cried throughout the session, he came to the realization that these ladies understood the boundaries of ‘halal’ and ‘haram’, and some even learnt to pray, to ask for strength.

He expressed his sadness as he explained that most of them have been working along the alleys since ages as young as 11, suffering through traumatic childhoods for the sake of putting food on the table for their families.

One of the women tearfully explained that she began working as a prostitute after her husband’s passing so that she could provide for her three children who are studying in Egypt. Her children are in the dark about their mother’s job.

20140614 Prostitutes Tnp 1

Source: asiaone


Some of them even took Lew around the streets so that he could share his teachings with the rest of their friends who work there, and they too thanked him profusely as they had never had anyone come down just to encourage and inspire them.

He added that he also gave hugs to the transgender workers on the streets, though he never touched any of the ladies. Ending the posting on a positive note, he asked the masses to pray for these ladies, who he describes as good people in a hard place, for his mission and for all in the world.

His video has since been watched over 955,000 times.

Good people are everywhere, some of which are very much overlooked. Thank you Ustaz Ebit Lew, for this lesson in acceptance.


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