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Is Marking Your Ballot Papers with a Dot or Line Really Considered ‘Undi Rosak’?


Is Marking Your Ballot Papers With A Dot Or Line Really Considered An Undi Rosak? - World Of Buzz
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As Polling Day is fast approaching, Malaysians everywhere are feeling the excitement and anxiety of casting their ballots. Although many of us know the basic procedures of how the voting goes, there is still debate on what is really considered to be an ‘undi rosak’ or not.

So, we reached out to PACA and got all these uncertainties answered! Here we break down the simple rules to casting your ballots and what the guidelines are to ensure that your votes are considered valid.


What are the rules when casting your ballots?

The general rules when casting your ballots are very simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Upon receiving your ballot paper, mark your preferred candidate with an X. Remember to only mark ONE candidate.
  2. Do not take a picture of your ballot paper. Your votes are meant to be kept a secret and should stay that way.
  3. Fold your ballot paper and drop them into the ballot boxes provided.
  4. Exit the polling stream and leave the polling station after you’re done casting your ballots.

See, fairly simple right? However, as simple as it seems, there are certain things to look out for to be careful that your votes aren’t counted as invalid.


How is a ballot considered invalid?

According to the EC guidelines, a ballot is considered to be invalid if the ballot paper:

  • is not stamped or marked with the official stamp or is found without the signature of the station master
  • is marked on more than one candidate
  • contains markings or writings that give indication for the voter to be identified
  • has not been marked or marked in a way that has been instructed
  • does not clearly state the intentions of the voter

However, there are certain exceptions whereby the ballots have to be accepted. The station master cannot refuse the ballots if:

  1. the ballot is found to have been marked, stamped or torn by the station master himself or any of the voting agents by accident and is not the voter’s fault
  2. the markings on the ballot papers clearly state the intentions of the voter


Is marking anything other than an ‘X’ considered an ‘Undi Rosak’?

No, it’s not. In fact, it’s actually considered an ‘Undi Ragu’! What happens is that when there’s an ‘undi ragu’, the ballot will be shown to a panel of people who will then consider if it’s a valid ballot or not.

However, rather than worry about what types of markings can be used, you should always keep in mind to state your intentions very clearly on your ballot papers. That being said, according to the EC guidelines there are 39 different markings that can be taken into consideration when counting the votes. Take note guys, that this is merely a guideline for special cases. That doesn’t mean you should use them.

1. Markings that indicate a clear intention of the voter for a particular candidate


2. Markings on the candidate’s name


3. Markings on the preferred candidate’s party symbol


4. Marking more than once on the same candidate


5. One or more markings in the same box of a candidate


6. Markings outside the space of the preferred candidate but not touching a different box


7. A ballot paper that is torn but the voting details are unaffected


8. Fingerprint markings with the indelible ink

There you have it guys. Even though all of the above aren’t considered an ‘undi rosak’, just better be safe and mark your ballot papers with a giant X on your preferred candidate lah.

You’re now all equipped with the knowledge to go and cast your votes!

Have you familiarised yourself with the voting procedures on Polling Day yet? If you’re still a bit confused, here’s something to help you guys out:

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Is Marking Your Ballot Papers With A Dot Or Line Really Considered An Undi Rosak? - World Of Buzz 1

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