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WOB Tries: Inside Scoop Has A 7.5 Inch Ice Cream Supermooncake That Is Bigger Than Your Face!



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Mid-autumn festival is just around the corner. Many food companies are starting to introduce their very own mooncakes, but Malaysian ice cream brand Inside Scoop’s new mooncake products are undoubtedly the ones that caught our eyeballs.

“Go BIG or go home” is Inside Scoop’s philosophy when it comes to dessert. Thus, this oversized Supermoon Ice Cream Mooncake is probably something you should bring home during this Mid-autumn festival!

Chances are, this snow-skin mooncake is bigger than your face! It is 7.5inches (approximately 19cm) in size and 0.8kg. This massive sweet treat also consists of extra creamy, double premium Pistachio ice cream all the way from Sicily, Italy and a raspberry centre.

WORLD OF BUZZ tried the Supermoon Ice Cream Mooncake and we liked the creamy, buttery Pistachio flavour with a hint of raspberry. There is also a layer of peanuts at the bottom of the mooncake, which peanut lovers will find tasty.

You can serve around 10 to 12 people with this Supermoon ice cream cake for just a price of RM148, with tax included. A hand-written message card, a knife, and a reusable cooler bag will be given if you purchase the mooncake.

Think that’s it? Inside Scoop also offers a Mooncake DIY Kit where you can get creative and make your own snow skin ice cream mooncakes at home! This Mooncake DIY kit comes with 6 popular Inside Scoop ice cream flavours with essential tools and ingredients, and it is priced at RM118 for one.

Ready to challenge yourself with this first-hand experience in making snow skin mooncakes at home and share the joy with your friends and family?

Besides, WORLD OF BUZZ also had the chance to try out their other snow skin mooncakes with distinct flavours. The 2-piece box costs RM68 while the 4-piece box costs RM118. There are four different flavours, and Inside Scoop makes sure that Malaysians will fall in love with the snow skin mooncakes. Here’s why:

1. Durian snow skin mooncake with a chocolate yolk

Wrapped in green coloured snow skin, this durian mooncake with a chocolate yolk in the middle will for sure satiate a durian lover’s appetite!

2. Rocher snow skin mooncake 

Similar to Nutella, Rocher is a chocolate hazelnut ice cream with crunchy nutty based and is shelled in ruby red. Indulging it will probably send you to the moon and back!

3. Unicorn snow skin mooncake with a raspberry yolk

Popular for its sweet and tangy combination of blue milk ice cream (stained with blue pea flowers) and Raspberry yoghurt ice cream, this Unicorn mooncake is perhaps millennials’ favourite because it is SO Instagrammable! Its name and its appearance are already winning the game.

4. Caramel Biscuit with a chocolate salted caramel lava yolk

Like the famous Lotus Biscoff caramel biscuit? Then you surely cannot miss this Lotus Biscoff caramel biscuit ice cream paired with a chocolate salted caramel lava yolk. It is encased in a velvet-sprayed, vibrant yellow coloured white chocolate shell.

We definitely had a blast tasting these one-of-a-kind mooncakes. It’s the perfect dessert to celebrate the Mid-autumn festival.

The four flavours of ice cream mooncake, the Ice Cream Mooncake DIY Kit and the Supermooncake are available online and at all Inside Scoop outlets. Pick-up and delivery services available as well.

Check out Inside Scoop’s website for more.



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Source: WOB
Source: WOB
Source: WOB

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