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If You’re Trapped in a Sinking Car, Remember These 5 Steps for a Safe & Quick Escape



Source: Cars From Japan & Leith Cars

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Car accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Sometimes, our cars will even end up in the water and when that happens, do you know the safest and fastest way to escape? Well, we’ve compiled five key points recommended by experts for such a situation!


1. Don’t Panic 

It’s important for you to conserve your energy and stay focused, especially when you’re experiencing an adrenaline rush so that you can plan your escape route and prevent yourself from getting disoriented.

Source: ABC News


2. Unbuckle your seat belt 

First things first, unbuckle your seat belt and don’t tend to your belongings. Remove any item that may weigh you down such as your jacket to help you swim better.


3. Wind down the side window to escape 

Most of us would instinctively go for the door handle but the immense exterior pressure will actually make it hard for us to open the door.

So, the easier way to escape is to unwind the window and get out of the car as fast as possible before the car sinks even deeper.

Source: ABC News


4. Break the window if step 3 does not work

In case the power has been cut or the window is jammed, use any hard object to break the window. Things like a hammer or key chain are good options. These tools should be placed near the window or attached along with your car keys in case of emergency.

Source: Alexnld

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If you don’t happen to have the tools mentioned above, simply use your elbow, stiletto heel, or the metal part of the detachable headrest to break the window. Also, don’t try to break the windshield as it is built to be tougher to withstand strong impact.


5. If you’re travelling with children, help the eldest one first

Experts suggest that you should start freeing the eldest child first and push them out of the window before going for the younger ones. This is because the eldest child can potentially help the younger ones after escaping from the vehicle.

Remember, only help them after you’ve unbuckled your own seat belt and unwind the window on your side. 

It goes without saying that the ability to swim plays a huge role in this situation and it could make or break our chances to survive. Hopefully, none of us will have to apply these steps one day but it’s good to be prepared, right? 


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