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I Took The Bus from Johor For The First Time, How The Ticket Person Acted Shocked Me



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Today was the first time I took Bus from Larkin back to KL. I had such an bad experienced that the ticket seller extra charged me additional rm20, which supposed was rm60, but I heard their other staff sold to others for rm40. The whole ticket selling team were like gangsters, they talked very rude to customer, and even scold a lady in front of me for unable to provide the ticket for them to collect back soonest enough..as she mistakenly recalled that her ticket was passed to another staff…

That was 8pm and I haven’t taken my dinner as I hopped in that bloody Bus as soon as I got down from a local Bus at the Larkin Bus Stop, because that staff told me the bus was going to depart immediately. After about 15 mins waited inside the bus, I sensed that something went wrong, that bus might stop for quite a long time. My common sense told me to be better to take a toilet break and grabbed some bread for my long journey.

I asked the staff politely if I could go for a pee in my fastest way. But the staff started scolding me and yelled at me to go back to the bus… I complained his bad attitude, I criticized them took extra money yet talked so bad manner to people…
The extra charge statement triggered that fellow. He kept his finger pointed at me and asked, “was it me who took your money” over and over again. I said “no, it was your colleague.” but he kept asking the same thing. and to my surprised, he punched me right on my eyes after a few shouting….

Anyone, if you know who this fellow is, please let me know. I asked around, but nobody was willing to provide me any information about him. Whole gang was all corrupted. I only heard people addressed him as “wan”. From counter 7 and counter 33.

I want to lodge a police report and try to sue him. I want to see if there is any law to protect small citizen like us.

If you are going to Larkin to take bus one day. Beware of counter 7 and counter 33. They were being dishonest and extremely rude to customers…


Mandarin version is as below:


这个图片的人是柔佛 Larkin 站的售票员。counter 7跟counter33的。他是个流氓员工,讲话粗略骂乘客,我跟他顶撞几句他一拳就飞过来。。。动手打乘客。。




我踩到地雷了,因为我说他们多收我钱,他们偷偷收多的,(我也是过后跟他们的老大谈判才发现他们几个偷偷多收的)他手指着我说“是我收你的钱吗?是我收你的钱吗?” 我说不是,可是是你同事收。。他还是继续指着我大孔“是我收你的钱吗?”他的手指是从头到尾指着我的脸的。我停了一下,我问他,你想怎样?我话都还没说完,他一拳向我眼睛正正飞过来。。。我从没想过那么的小事他们会动手打人的,而且我还是乘客。。。




我听到他们称呼他 “Wan”,counter 7 跟 counter 33 的。也警告你们如果有去Larkin 搭巴士,小心这两个柜台的人,流氓来的。。。


– Posted by Facebook user Ray Lim.

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