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“I love what ya’ll are doing man” M’sian Rapper, Joe Flizzow’s ’16 Baris’ Gets Recognised By SNOOP DOGG!


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Source: NME & WOB & Astro Awani

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Any Malaysian music fan will have heard of Joe Flizzow’s rap cypher show, 16 Baris.

But, for those of you who don’t know, 16 Baris, which takes place in Joe’s Barber Shop, is a collaboration between Kartel Records and Rocketfuel Entertainment, where they showcase up and coming SEA hip-hop, rap artists and MCs.

And now, 16 Baris has done so well for themselves by giving underrated deserving artists a platform, that the Godfather of hip-hop, Snoop Dogg, has taken notice of! Snoop took to his Instagram Stories to give 16 Baris a shout out!

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He wrote, “16 Baris, dope show with unsigned international rappers.”

Joe Flizzow has since taken to his Instagram account to showcase a Zoom call he had with Snoop, where Snoop encouraged and praised the show and the artists.

“Come on, man. I love what ya’ll are doing man, ya’ll got it looking real good over there. I’m kinda like milling my shit after this, I want it to feel like this, the way you guys are organised. You got sections, you know when it’s coming out, how it’s coming out, it’s connected to brands, TV, everything,”

“Like, this is the sh*t that I’ve been talking about and ya’ll actually doing it, so *claps*,” Snoop can be heard saying.

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It’s truly amazing to see the efforts of local artists and entertainers getting the recognition that they deserve for the hard work and dedication they’ve put into creating a platform to champion fresh-faced musicians.

The episode that Snoop watched featured Bunga, an amazing local rapper, NOKI from K-Clique and Wo Shi Jay, a multilingual rapper and songwriter, and you can watch it here:

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Source: WOB
Source: Joe Flizzow

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