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“I always got them gifts” – DJ Soda Says She Has Only Dated Poor Men, Wants to Date a Rich Man Next


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Source: YouTube | 노빠꾸탁재훈 & YouTube | deejaysoda

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When you’ve reached a certain age, you tend to be picky or selective in choosing a partner, and you have every right to be. We’re talking about choosing someone who’s spending the rest of their life with us.

For public figures, it’s quite common for some people to assume they’re always with someone rich or at least, financially stable. Popular South Korean DJ, DJ Soda recently revealed that she’s annoyed when people always assume she has always dated Chaebol, Korean for a member of the rich family. In an interview, DJ Soda revealed that she has only dated poor men in the past, and has yet to date anyone rich.

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The DJ admitted that it is not easy for her to just jump into dating life due to her hectic schedule.

“I visit an everage of 20 countries and 60 cities in just 1 year.”

Given her popularity in the industry, it’s no surprise that DJ Soda is often busy running here and there for her DJ gigs, which can be seen by her worldwide popularity.

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When she was told about the rumors that she has only dated Chaebol(s), DJ Soda couldn’t help but laugh, and explained what it was like to date poor men in the past.

“I was usually the gift-giver in the relationship. A new phone was a standard gift to my exes. I have rarely received a gift.”

Of course, she wasn’t trying to insult her past lovers but merely explaining her experience. While DJ Soda expressed interest in dating a rich man, she admitted that it’s not her focus right now and she is currently putting her attention on work.

You can watch the full interview in the YouTube video below.

Ladies and gentlemen, what do you look for in a partner prior to initiating a relationship?


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Source: YouTube

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