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Here’s What Malaysians Think When Man Says Chinese and Indians Don’t Deserve To Stay in Malaysia



Here's What Malaysians Think When Man Says Chinese and Indians Don't Deserve To Stay in Malaysia - World Of Buzz 1

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Image source: Facebook

Yesterday, fellow photographer/satirical funny man Eddie Putera shared his thoughts on Facebook. He wrote a long story of his younger days and how it differed to the current state of Malaysia.

His post started with this sentence, “BANGSA CINA sama INDIA DON’T deserve to live in MALAYSIA anymore. Baik pigi lain tempat duduk. Sini tak bagus.”

If you haven’t read his post, click here.

The intense caps lock and seemingly racist first sentence instantly stopped Malaysian readers’ thumbs from scrolling past while they paused to actually read the content.

Mr Eddie is a social activist who inspire Malaysians to embrace each other’s culture, no matter what colour skin we are. His post made quite the impression and here’s what some of our readers have to say.

“Hmm… i love my chinese and indian friends. Espeacially the chinese. We create a lot of memory together. I also mad at my race because sometimes they say without thinking about being racist. I hate racism because majority of my bestfriends are chinese… im sorry because of my race being rude to any other race… truly sorry.. i dont want to lose my non malay friends. frown emoticon” – Dean Fitri.

“The constitution of malaysia itself is made based on multiracial understanding..the economy itself are develop by everybody in malaysia..it doesnt care who u are..malay keep blaming indians and chinese for their failure in every aspect..please..it almost 59 years we achieve our kemerdekaan..come on..malay are not the owner of this country..” – Encik Mohd Hafiz.

“Itu zaman yg dulu gua punya bapak a, time buka puasa a, itu haji taib a panggil gua punya bapak pigi sama sama bukak puasa maa. Itu time deepavali, uncle chandran sudah sound kambing karii oh, time cny, gua punya bapak sudah siap beli limau dan kuih bakul mau kasi dia punya kawan. Sekarang ohh, ini situasi sudah tarak. Sama sama benci antara satu sama lain oooo. Ini sebab apa, sebab itu cb politic punya pasal laa.” -Tan Wee Liangz.

He said it with his heart. I remember my younger days. My friends are all races. We were called the muhibah group. But today it is sad to see what happening. The future is bleak. I pray everyday to get out. I really hope my prayers will be answered. It’s time to move on to greener pastures just like how our great parents did.” – Mike Samaravera.

“Truth be told, Malaysians are becoming a racist country bcs of the Govmen.” – Erik Purnama

I agree stop with da hate and start with da loving one another” – Najib Kamarulzaman

Im sarawakian. Our culture in sarawak are totally different compare to our neighbour in semenanjung. Here in sarawak we can live peacefully with 30+ ethnics staying up together in a place. Unlike semenanjung malaysia,we have zero religion’s issues. We are family. This is sarawak. Be like sarawak.” – Xavier Weng

“Pagi makan Roti canai…lunch ayam rendang n lemang,malam char kuew teow..we are malaysian…we are still United…salam satu malaysia” – Mahen DiKo

His post alone attracted people of all type of races, especially the main three to share their own stories and opinions as well. It has brought us all to become closer to one another, each being aware that we each have our own flaws, but skin is not to blame. If any, it’s the bigger people looking over our country that has separated us.

It’s pretty touching reading all the comments from people of different backgrounds and ethnicities. Malaysia, the beautiful country filled with diverse culture, this is how it should be – #1Malaysia

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