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“He Will Not See New Opposition Role as Downgrade,” Says Najib’s Daughter



"He Will Not See New Role as Downgrade, Says Najib's Daughter - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Instagram & The Malay Mail

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The first parliament sitting held today (17 July 2018) is historical as Barisan Nasional (BN) takes their seat as the opposition party in the hall after ruling the country for 61 years. Not only that, it’s also the first time ever for a former prime minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, to represent the opposition party in the parliament. Pretty bizarre, eh? 

Source: The Star

While some may say that this is a downgrade from Najib’s previous position, his daughter believes that this new role is merely a new experience for her father, reported Malaysiakini. In an Instagram post, Nooryana Najwa remains confident that her father will persevere and continue to contribute to Malaysia. 

Her post reads,

“If in his shoes, some may find this new role a ‘downgrade’… but, not this man.”

“This is merely a new experience for him – ever ready to collectively solve problems, share knowledge and expertise and most importantly provide checks and balances that come with a mature democracy.”

Well, let’s hope he does provide a good check and balance for the current government. 

Source: Instagram

Nooryana further noted that Najib will do everything he can to make sure all Malaysians move towards progress and that no one will be left behind. Finally, she ended her post by wishing that God will help her father and his colleagues in their political pursuits. 

Prior to this, the former prime minister lost his position when BN lost its federal power after the 14th General Election. Right after that, the Pekan MP had also resigned from his position as BN’s chairperson and Umno’s president.

That said, we sure do hope that Najib and his colleagues will serve the people justly and honestly. They are still our MPs, after all! 

Godspeed, BN and Umno. 


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