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Hawker Owner Has Fragile Heart, Puts Up Banner Telling Couples Not to PDA at His Stall



Sandwich Hawker Makes Netizens LOL with Anti-Valentine's Day Stall Banner - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Yahoo Taiwan

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As much as Valentine’s Day is a time to wear your heart on your sleeve, it’s also a time for businesses to make big bucks with love-themed decor and promos. Not the case for this Taiwanese hawker stall owner, however! In preparation for the romantic occasion, the Kaohsiung-based gentleman hung up a banner for his sandwich stall that proclaimed: “Middle-aged uncle has a fragile heart, please don’t do PDA (public displays of affection)”.

That’s not all! According to China Press, the banner also displayed the following message: “All couples who want to buy from me as a pair, will not enjoy special discounts!” Can someone spell s-a-l-t-y?

In the photos uploaded, which were initially found on a Facebook group, the banner on which this one-of-a-kind anti-V-Day message was written looks just like any other red hawker stall banner displayed during this season. Only of course, the message is nowhere nearly as upbeat.

Single Hawker Makes Netizens LOL with Anti-Valentine Day Stall Promotions - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Yahoo Taiwan

Netizens were quick to respond, leaving cheeky comments such as:

“‘The owner must be single.”

“If we say we’re single, do we get to buy 1 free 1?”

There were netizens who also delivered all kinds of, shall we say, creative suggestions to improve the banner. Some felt the owner was too gentle in his approach, and should sell his sandwiches at higher prices to couples while giving single folks attractive discounts. One even went as far as to pitch: “Break up on the spot, get 20% off!”. Never underestimate the lengths people will go to to score a sweet deal!

Even though this marketing tactic goes against the Valentine’s Day norm, we’d say it’ll do more good than bad for the owner in the long run, since lots of people are now aware of his sandwich stall! Got any bright ideas for Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day? Leave a comment below!


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