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Gamer Girl Caught Self Pleasuring After Accidentally Leaving Webcam On



Gamer Girl Caught Self Pleasuring After Accidentally Leaving Webcam On - World Of Buzz 1

Recently, a gamer girl was caught playing with herself after she allegedly forgot to turn off her webcam. The scandalous but shocking news quickly went viral.

The girl was live-streaming on Twitch, a platform for gamers to stream their gameplays live.

She had finished her game for that day but forgot to end her stream before she started to masturbate!

The girl, known as NovaPatra on Twitch as well as her social media, is declared one of the hottest gamer girl by the internet. Due to her rather NSFW outfits and pictures she post online, she naturally gained a lot of attention from the male audience.

In the video, the young girl from Indonesia can be seen walking away from her computer for a while before returning clad in a white singlet and just her underwear.

Without realizing her webcam was still turned on, she visited a porn website and started to masturbate to it!


Source: Lobak Merah

The whole ‘pleasurable experience’ lasted almost 10 minutes live! Much to her fans’ elation I would assume.

Nova received a 30 days ban from Twitch for this inappropriate public display. Though I don’t see many people complaining about the video. #Justsaying


Either way, when the internet caught wind of this news, they left a come load of comments while some speculated that this video may just be a set up to promote herself as an amateur pornstar.

“We all know its fake. who watches porn without full screen…” one commented.

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Fake or not, brb! Gotta go.. uh….do some research….

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