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From Shopping Haven to Sustainable-Heroes: Here’s How Sunway Malls Is Embracing Sustainability!


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Source: Sunway Malls

As people are becoming more aware of the importance of sustainability, many Malaysians have started to integrate sustainable practices into their daily lives. So after taking note of this, Malaysia’s number one mall franchise, Sunway Malls is taking steps to help all their shoppers embrace sustainable shopping!

With their Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) plan, Sunway Malls is well on its way to help Malaysians practise sustainability as they shop!

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To start off, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is a term coined by the United Nations Foundation in 2015 to combat the impacts of the current climate crisis through advocacy, citizen engagement, behaviour change and political will.


So to get in line with UN Foundation’s ongoing SDG Action Campaign as well as help fulfil shoppers’ demands for more sustainable shopping, Sunway Malls is embracing and adopting an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework which will ultimately contribute to making the world a better place for future generations!

But what exactly makes up Sunway Malls’ SDG plan and how will they help to achieve their sustainable future end goal, you ask? For starters, the main components of their SDG plan are dubbed as their 6 Initiatives. Here are the 6 Initiatives and how they work:


1. Green Lease, to encourage sustainability among retailers!

A green lease is a lease which incorporates clauses where the owner and the occupier fulfil certain responsibilities where their property or business can operate sustainably. And as part of their SDG plan, Sunway Malls is the first among many in Malaysia to integrate a green lease into their operations!

To carry out their green lease, Sunway Malls has implemented an SDG-Compliant Outlet Fit Out where retailers are required to comply with lighting, paint and water regulations to ensure minimal wastage of resources.


2. Green Procurement, by cooperating with suppliers, contractors & vendors who are aligned with SDG!

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As part of their commitment towards more sustainable implementations that help shoppers and the environment, Sunway Malls is employing Green Procurement to integrate sustainable consumption and green technology-based products and services!

To that end, Sunway Malls practises responsible sourcing and acquires goods that encourage sustainable habits. In addition, starting from 2023, Sunway Malls will select suppliers, contractors and vendors who share similar values in sustainability to be its business partners moving forward. Because after all, saving the environment is a collaborative effort!


3. Sustainable Operations, for cleaner and cost-saving energy!

Retail Sunway Pyramid Solar

In recent years, Sunway Malls has come to adopt and adapt several innovative practices which can boost productivity and efficiency while saving costs to promote sustainable operations! Some of these practices include their very own cashless and contactless Sunway Smart Parking system, the first Malaysian Internet of Things (IoT) toilet system and the use of solar panels to obtain cleaner energy instead of depending on coal-generated energy.

Plus, through the implementation of their Optimised Energy Management Systems, Sunway Malls has succeeded in controlling energy consumption to achieve a lower Building Energy Index, which in turn reduces their energy costs as well! Now that’s what we call efficient!


4. Waste Management, to minimise, prevent and manage food, plastic and water waste!

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Another initiative for Sunway Malls to get closer to achieving their SDG mission is by employing several waste management systems that encompass food, plastic and water waste generated by shopping activities and operations. One of the methods in this initiative is the use of their Food CPR Station to change food waste habits and ensure that 30% of all festive decorations consist of recyclable materials. 

Aside from food waste management practices, Sunway Malls has also taken the lead in utilising water treatment plants and rainwater harvesting to supply water across Sunway Malls in addition to embarking on partnerships with organisations such as Kloth Cares to reuse excess fabric to be turned into everyday items. So with all of these ingenious waste management plans, Sunway Malls has truly gone above and beyond with the 3Rs!


5. Community Building, to let the public lend a hand to sustainability too!

Food For Thought

On top of partnering with other organisations and business partners for corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, Sunway Malls has also invested in forging communities among shoppers and members of the public! One activity by Sunway Malls which uses community involvement is the Food for Thought Programme, which donates food items to aid the fight against food insecurity.

What’s more, Sunway Malls has given back to the community throughout the years with amenities such as a rent-free vaccination centre in support of the COVID-19 Immunisation Programme. Plus, Autsome rooms are also introduced to provide for the autism community and their caretakers. Just goes to show that Sunway Malls’ community is for the people and by the people, too!


6. Urban Farming, to promote sustainable living and better food security!

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Sunway Malls has an urban farming segment to promote sustainable living by working together with communities to grow their own food independently and potentially provide entrepreneurial opportunities. Plus, their soil-less smart farms also use new innovations such as IoT sensors to monitor plants and maintain farm health!

And to top it all off, these urban farms help to retain food quality by minimising the travel time from farm to home, which in turn reduces carbon emissions too! That way, it helps to get these produce quicker AND safer too as these urban farms lessen carbon impact from land use and supply!


Now that’s a lot of green action from Sunway Malls!

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All in all, Sunway Malls is super committed to the betterment of society by following through with the SDG plan as outlined by the UN Foundation! And as pointed out through their comprehensive 6 Initiatives, they’ve definitely been walking their talk throughout their 25-year tenure!

So if you, like many Malaysians right now are looking forward to incorporating more sustainable practices into your daily life, then get on board with Sunway Malls on their headstrong mission to drive sustainable living!

For more information on Sunway Malls’ Sustainable Development Goals, visit their website here!


Source: Sunway
Source: Sunway
Source: Sunway
Source: Sunway

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