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From Now Til 30th April, M’sians Can Get 55% Off a ZenyumSonic Toothbrush! Here’s What You Need To Know


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Source: @parie_llws & Zenyum MY

While we were stuck at home during MCO, we spent a lot of time upgrading our self-care routine by exercising more often and taking care of our skin better. However, many of us didn’t think to upgrade our dental hygiene routine. After all, brushing our teeth is a must in every self-care routine but how do you ensure you’re cleaning it thoroughly?

Lucky for you, Zenyum is here to help! How?

Simply by encouraging all Malaysians to upgrade their dental hygiene routine with their game-changing electric toothbrush, the ZenyumSonic which you can get at 55% OFF until 30th April!

This is the LARGEST discount they’ve ever offered!

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What’s a better way to improve our routine than by making the switch from an ordinary toothbrush to an electric toothbrush? Hint: there is no better way. 

YASSS! From now until 30th April 2021 only, Malaysians get to purchase the ZenyumSonic at only RM279 RM119 if you trade in your old manual toothbrush!


Ah, I’m interested! How do I take part in the Toothbrush Trade-In? 

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Time for the fun part! In order to trade in your old manual toothbrush and get the ZenyumSonic at 55% off, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click here to fill up your details & submit a photo of your old manual toothbrush
  2. Get a personalised promo code for over 55% off the ZenyumSonic
  3. Apply the promo code on Zenyum website’s checkout page
  4. Start brushing your teeth every day with your new ZenyumSonic

Yes, it’s that simple guys! Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be on your way to having pearly white teeth!


But what’s the difference between manual toothbrushing & electric toothbrushing? 

Now that you know how to get your very own ZenyumSonic, let’s look at some of the benefits that an electric toothbrush offers that an ordinary one doesn’t:

  • More effective in removing plaque and gingivitis due to its rapid-vibrating brush head. It has been proven to remove 21% more plaque and bacteria than manual brushing!
  • Built-in timers allow us to brush our teeth according to the timing recommended by dentists which is 2 minutes
  • Improves oral health in general but especially for those with orthodontic appliances such as braces
  • A much more sustainable option since you won’t need to throw out an entire single-use plastic toothbrush but instead just replace the head every few months

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Wow, that’s cool! But what makes the ZenyumSonic stand out from other electric toothbrushes? 

Well, wait ’til you hear this! Here are some of the main differences:

The dentist-fresh feeling after each use 

  • The ZenyumSonic functions at 33,000 vibrations per minute which is 10 times faster than a normal electric toothbrush AND 100 times faster than a manual toothbrush
  • The micro pressure bubbles that the ZenyumSonic produces help to clean teeth more effectively and prevent tartar build-up

Three custom modes for all your dental needs

  • Clean – perfect for reducing tartar and plaque build-up on our teeth
  • Gentle – if you have sensitive teeth and gums, this mode is for you!
  • White – for those who wish to whiten their teeth, this helps with all the stubborn stains too!

Unique brush head 

  • The ZenyumSonic brush head comes in a unique oval shape which helps to cover a wider surface area with a single brushing motion
  • It also has soft nylon bristles that are better for your gums
  • The brush head also transforms into a tongue cleaner for the perfect dental routine!

Compact and fuss-free

  • ZenyumSonic’s battery can last you up to THREE WEEKS once it’s fully charged
  • It also boasts completely wireless charging 
  • All ZenyumSonic toothbrushes also come with one-year warranty!

Wow, all that for only RM119??? We’re amazed!

Img 8705

And not only does the ZenyumSonic come in the classic black and white, but they’ve also just added a pink one to the collection! Perfect! 😍


Is it worth making the switch from manual to electric toothbrushing?

It sure is! Electric toothbrushing ensures that our oral health is always at its best. While many don’t see the importance of taking good care of their teeth and gums, good oral health can have many life-changing benefits:

  • It reduces the risk of diseases such as heart attack and diabetes which may happen if you have gum disease due to inflammation of the blood vessels.
  • You get to live longer if you take good care of your teeth as research has found that the number of teeth we have is strongly linked to how long we’ll live.
  • You’ll give birth to a healthy baby if you have healthy gums as pregnant women are three times less likely to have a premature baby if they don’t have gum disease. This is because gum disease raises the levels of chemicals that induce labour.
  • Fresh breath at all times because who wants bad breath, right? However, it is a very common issue and is caused by a build-up of plaque and tooth decay! So make sure you brush, brush, brush! 

All the more reason to take better care of our oral health, right? After all, we all want to live a long & healthy life!


What are you waiting for? Hurry and snap a pic of your old manual toothbrush before the 30th of April to get the ZenyumSonic at RM119! Don’t forget, this is the LOWEST price you’ll ever get for the ZenyumSonic!

Click here to submit the photo of your old toothbrush or visit their website here if you’d like to know more about Zenyum!


Source: @nattnietie
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