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Find Out What This M’sian Rapper Has To Say About You Based On The Type Of Dish Sponge You Use!


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There’s a lot you can tell about someone depending on the items they use the most everyday…

This was the sort of thought that probably occurred to Malaysian rapper, Heidi when she took to her Twitter page @kungfuheidi to write a hilarious thread on types of dish sponges and her brutally honest judgements on the people who use them.

Who knew jokes surrounding this random household item that we use daily could be so comedic? Brace yourselves though, Heidi’s comments are not for the faint hearted but with her Tweet having over 1,860 retweets and 3,000 likes, we hope it will amuse you too!

Okay, let’s start. Recall the image of the dish sponge that’s in your kitchen right now..keep that in mind and let’s scroll to see if it’s one of the 7 sponges in the list below.


1. The T20

Scotch Brite Sponges Scouring Pads Hd 3 Combo3 1F 600

  • Parents are probably T20.
  • Be one of the firsts for their parents to buy them a Vespa auto motorbike or the latest Fenty lipstick.
  • Buys a dish sponge but eats out and orders Grab every day.
  • Always throws away packs of Tupperware.
  • Buys transparent gel dishwashing soap.



2. The one that goes grocery shopping with their mom

Fzepm Makaaznpf

  • Most probably clingy with their mom.
  • Likes listening to Lofi Girl when studying.
  • Collects Tupperware.
  • Likes to buy blue/green dishwashing soap.
  • Changes the dish sponge every month because you like to try out new things often.
  • Probably single.



3. The Intellectual

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  • Polite.
  • Has a wide vocabulary, good with words.
  • A natural poet, good at rhyming.
  • Knows how to silat.
  • Good at predicting the weather.



4. “Hulk Smash” 

Stainless Steel Scrubber Metal Sponge Sink Scourer Useful Things Kitchen Accessories For Home Pan Pot Cleaning.jpg Q90.Jpg Copy

  • Probably has anger issues.
  • Afraid of their bini (wife).
  • Likes to send loud voice notes on WhatsApp.
  • Leaves unwashed plates to pile up because washing the dishes is actually just a form of therapy to let out their anger.
  • Likes the Ip man movie.
  • Memorized the whole dialogue of KL gangster movies.



5. The Special One

  • Their mom most probably still makes airplane noises when feeding them even though they’re 20 already!
  • Takes screenshots from Twitter and posts to Facebook.
  • Takes screenshots from Facebook and posts to Twitter.
  • Also single…



6. The Shopaholic 


  • Easily baited by Shopee ads.
  • The kind that can’t stop themselves from buying household items because they just ‘want to try’.
  • Has no savings.
  • Always withdraws KWSP money.
  • EPF stolen by employers also tak realize.
  • Allergic to eating anchovies.



7. The one that’s probably dead inside…

Fzm1Ax2Amaa Sfc 1

  • Kind of dead inside just like this net that has no sponge inside.
  • Enjoys washing this sponge more than doing the dishes.
  • Has cracked hands due to being eroded by harsh dishwashing soap.
  • Sad that Taylor Swift isn’t touring in Malaysia.
  • Stylish.
  • Likes to eat satay.


Let us know which sponge you are in the comments! There’s no reason to be ashamed here, folks. Heidi has proven to be not only musically talented but also knows how to make Malaysians laugh – the makings of a true entertainer!

Check out one of her music videos below.

So, which sponge commentary of hers made you giggle the most?



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