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Final ‘Sign Off’ From Malindo Crew Members Go Viral, More Than 50% Of Employees Have Been Let Go



Source: @anslyiin/Twitter

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The travel industry is one of the worst hit industries by the Covid-19 pandemic with many airline companies forced to downsize their staffs due to historic losses.  With almost all countries imposing restrictions to travel in order to contain the spread of the pandemic, airline companies simply could not sustain their business anymore.

As such is exemplified by Malaysian hybrid-full service carrier Malindo Air who are forced to exercise a retrenchment programme in order to keep the company afloat. As reported by the Malaysian Insight, this latest retrenchment programme affects some 2,000 staffs and come into effect today. Unfortunately, that means many Malaysians working in the industry with Malindo has now found themselves without a source of income during a scathing pandemic.

From yesterday, Malindo Airlines has been trending on Twitter as most of its downsized crew members spent their last days in a Malindo Airlines uniform and took to Social Media to bid a final ‘sign off’ from the airline company.  Hailing from different departments and positions, these retrenched Malindo Air crew members shared photos of their experiences with the company. These goodbyes are simply heartbreaking.


The Malaysian Insight also reported that Malindo Airline is giving a three-month salary package as one of the severance package offered to the 2,000 employees affected by the retrenchment programme. Furthermore, if the severance package is below RM15,000, the payment will be made in three instalments. For those above RM15,000 the payment will be made in six instalments instead.

Early last month, Bernama reported that approximately 2,200 Malindo Air employees will be let go. That is more than half of the 3,200 staffs it has on its books at the time.

We hope that these ex-Malindo Air staff would find their feet again soon!


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Source: @anslyiin

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