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Father Tears Son’s Homework and Asks Him to Sleep Because Happiness Comes First



Father Tears Son's Textbook And Asks Him to Sleep, Because Happiness Comes Before Homework - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: SeeHua

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While other kids in school have to come up with lame excuses such as “my dog ate my homework”, this boy can save himself from all the hassle because his father just eliminated his homework for him! 

Just recently, a Taiwanese father surnamed Lim did the unthinkable by tearing his son’s textbook and exercise book after he found the kid still up at 3am doing homework. The father even shared some pictures and his thoughts on Facebook which went viral!

“Teacher, I’ve torn my son’s textbook and exercise book. I asked him to go to sleep, sorry!” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Source: Seehua

According to Lim, his wife had woken up at 3am that night to relieve herself and she noticed that the lights in her son’s bedroom were still switched on. When she opened the door, the kid had already dozed off on the table instead of the bed. She then gave Lim, who wasn’t home at the time, a phone call explaining that their son had to copy 22 pages from the textbook as punishment.

When Lim got home, he calmly asked his son, “Can you finish it?” to which the son replied, “No”.


Source: Seehua

Lim then counselled his son and told him the reason behind tearing the books. The family also agreed to transfer the kid to a new school in order for him to receive a more holistic education.

Apparently, that was his last resort as he had previously tried talking to the teachers regarding the amount of homework given in school. However, the teacher said it’d be unfair to the other children and insisted that the son continue writing and even permitted him to pass it up later. That’s not the point! 

The father described this practice as a vicious cycle as the kid would merely copy the textbook without reading the content.

“Even I as an adult wouldn’t be able to finish it (copying the homework) on time, let alone a child,” the father said, adding that he supports his son, but won’t spoil him.

Lim further elaborated that the kid is very independent and loves photography. In fact, he has already learnt how to take good photos and edit videos despite his young age. He’s also gifted in sports!

Source: Seehua

Source: Seehua

In the father’s opinion, the current education system is ‘murdering’ his child’s talent by killing his passion and forcing him to copy the textbook. Lim said he simply will not let that happen as he values his son’s sleep and happiness more than his academic achievement.

This kid is very lucky to have a forward-thinking father who sees the bigger problem in the current education system and recognises his son’s talent. We certainly hope more fathers can be like Lim, not the tearing textbook part, but teaching the kid the real lessons in life. 

What are your thoughts on this issue? Let us know in the comments! 


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