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Ever Wanted A Stunning Lakeside Home AND Be Close To The City? Check Out This Vibrant Township!



Source: Sime Darby Property & Tecake

As millennials living in the city, we’re always surrounded by concrete jungles and constantly seeking for getaways close to nature.

So what if we told you that you can live close to the city and enjoy serene lakeside living?

Too good to be true? Think again! 

Sime Darby Property’s Bandar Ainsdale, the majestic gateway to Seremban and a thriving township located only 5km from Seremban City complemented by parks and lakes, offers you more than a home!

Adding to their list of exquisite lakeside homes, Sime Darby Property is now introducing you to Bandar Aindsale Anggun’s freehold two-storey link homes.

Located next to the 11-acre Bandar Ainsdale Lake Garden, you’ll be able to enjoy a balanced lifestyle with your loved ones while being surrounded by the neighbourhood’s many parks and gardens! With only 59 units available for Phase 1, you’re gonna want to grab this opportunity FAST!!

Intrigued yet?? Come on, let’s discover Bandar Ainsdale Anggun together:


1. Enjoy easy connectivity and travel with ease!

Located off the gateway to Seremban, Bandar Ainsdale is strategically located right next to the Bandar Ainsdale Interchange which gives you unbelievably easy access to PLUS Highway and you can reach the heart of Kuala Lumpur within 45 minutes!

If you prefer public transport, there are two KTM stations nearby which are KTM Tiroi (3.2km away) and KTM Seremban (6.7km away). Bandar Ainsdale Anggun is also just 7.3km away from Terminal One and 49.8km away from KLIA! Accessibility like never before. 👏🏻


2. Close proximity to life’s essentials such as hospitals & supermarkets 

Yup, you read that right. Not only will you be blessed with amazing accessibility, but you’ll also be living within close proximity to ready-built facilities such as supermarkets and educational institutions! How convenient is that?

Here’s a list of the facilities that are nearby:

Shopping Malls & Supermarkets 

  • Tesco – 4.2km
  • Palm Mall – 4.3km
  • Aeon – 5.5km
  • Mydin – 17.3km

Medical Centre

  • KPJ Specialist Seremban Hospital – 4.3km
  • Columbia Asia Medical Centre – 4.8km
  • Hospital Tunku Jaafar – 8.9km


  • SJK(C) Ladang Hillside – 850m
  • SJK (C) Tung Hua S2 Heights – 4.4km
  • Universtiti Teknologi MARA – 15.7km

Now, you’ll never have to worry about travelling far just to get your basic necessities or in case of a medical emergency, there are multiple established medical centres at your service too!


3. This home is built to last for generations to come

Bandar Ainsdale Anggun prides itself in being a multigenerational home with a family area on the first floor and a granny suite on the ground floor which is unheard of in most Malaysian homes! You’ll never have to worry about leaving your family behind because there’s enough space for everyone! ❤️

If you have an elderly person living with you, the granny suite makes it so much easier for them to rest as they won’t have to climb up the stairs. In fact, the house is well designed with ramps and wide doors to ease wheel-chair user movement on the ground floor. Additionally, the family area on the first floor serves as a more private and cosy area for you and your family to bond!

It’s also a great option for first-time homebuyers as it is affordable and is meant to last a lifetime. So, if you’re looking for a place to settle down and build a family, this is the perfect home for you!


4. You can lead an active lifestyle with your family 

No more excuses, guys!

We all know health is wealth and with Anggun at Bandar Ainsdale, you’ll get to prioritise your health and embrace a balanced lifestyle! With a 15KM jogging and cycling path surrounding the township, there will be tons of healthy activities to do with your family over the weekends! Not to mention the 11-acre Ainsdale Lake Garden you will be able to enjoy!

Additionally, you’ll also be close to S2 Seremban Hill Park (5.3km away) and Seremban Lake Garden (12.1km away) so nature is really just a stone’s throw away! What more could you ask for?

In case you didn’t know, Bandar Ainsdale is a thriving and established 562-acre residential and commercial development. Embun, the first edition of the Lakeside Home series, is almost sold out! Amazing!

Watch this video below for a sneak peek at the amazing lifestyle you’ll get to enjoy in Bandar Ainsdale Anggun!

Additionally, you’ll also get to benefit from the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) promotions for Bandar Ainsdale Anggun. You’ll be eligible for the stamp duty exemption and you’ll likely be saving up to RM10,000 if you purchase Anggun. Woah, what a deal! 

Now that you know the A-Z about Bandar Ainsdale Anggun, don’t you wish you could turn this into your own home today?! Well, it’s time to make that a reality!

If you’d like to know more about Bandar Ainsdale Anggun, be sure to check out their website and get in touch with the team. Happy house hunting!


Source: Time Out SG

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