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Event Organiser Accidentally Serves Beef to Uni Students, Says “he’s not aware that Hindus can’t eat beef”


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One of the most beautiful things about Malaysia is not just the food but also the cultural differences that we continuously learn and be amazed by. The differences in beliefs and practices, however, should be respected at all times.

Just recently, a Malaysian student was baffled at the ignorance of the person in charge at an event that took place at her university. All students were invited to the event and issues started to arise at lunch.

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Beef was served for lunch and many non-Muslims were not aware of the menu until they almost took a bite. One of the students, Shaun (pseudonym) spoke to WORLD OF BUZZ about the matter and said that there was not only 1 beef dish served at the event.

Students of all races attended the event, and the person in charge was not aware of the food restrictions.

“They said they didn’t know that Hindus can’t eat beef.”

Shaun added that some students only noticed the beef after they had taken a bite, and he felt bad for those who had to experience that.

When asked about what happened next, Shaun told WORLD OF BUZZ that the team that handled the food apologised to those affected, and for not knowing about the food restrictions.

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“The main group of people who organised the event, however, have not apologised until this day.”

Shaun reached out to us in the hopes of spreading awareness about maintaining sensitivities when it comes to the food served at events, especially when it involves people of all races with different beliefs and practices.

We do hope that event organisers will take note of the food restrictions, be it for allergy or sensitivity purposes to avoid unwanted conflicts.


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Source: 123RF
Source: 123RF

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