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Emotional Son Destroys and Carves Dad’s Number on Car to Make Him Come Home



Source: Sina
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This news is both amusing and saddening at the same time because a child had to resort to this just to get his father home.

On 30 December, a teenager decided to vandalise a car and ‘leave’ his father’s phone number at the scene so that the police would reach out to the father and bring him home. This kid is definitely going somewhere…

According to Sina, the 17-year-old teen’s parents had divorced years ago and he was placed under his father’s custody. In order to give the son, surnamed Fan, a better life, the father left his son at a relative’s house and went to Guizhou, China to conduct business.

Source: Laowai China

Yes, the father did make a lot of money, but the downside was – he didn’t have time to visit his son back in Zhejiang, China.

For the past few months, watching other families getting reunited with their loved ones has made Fan moody. He did call up his father and beg him to come home, but the father couldn’t make it due to his busy schedule.

So the father transferred some money to Fan for him to splurge on things that he fancy. This has made Fan even more depressed and frustrated.

On 30 December, after exiting a cybercafe, Fan was bored and he was looking for an outlet to vent his frustration. So in a secluded basement carpark, he saw a black sedan and decided to create a mess so that his father had to make a trip home.

Initially, he punched the car with his fists, but that didn’t damage the car much. So he picked up a brick and hit the front windshield several times and created a hole on the rear windshield.

To intensify the damage, he scratched the bonnet and carved his father’s phone number on the driver’s door. He then casually walked away.

Source: Sina

The next day, Yap who is the car owner discovered the vandalism and lodged a police report. Based on the phone number left by Fan, they managed to contact the father who was still in Guizhou.

Source: Sina

The father knew something fishy was going on as he’s a nice person and he didn’t remember stepping on anyone’s toes before. After thinking for a while, he told the police,

“Please look for my son, Fan. I’m 100% it was his job.”

True enough, when the police approached Fan, he blatantly admitted and said, “Yes, I did that!”.

“In the previous years, he would call me and ask me to go home, but I just couldn’t make it. So he’d create some problems to make me go back. But I didn’t expect him to make such a huge mess this time,” the father said. 

After learning Fan’s intention, the father decided to move back to Zhejiang to spend time with his son after the coming Chinese New Year. Money is important, but family is priceless, he said.

It was understood that the teenager was locked up for ten days for severely vandalising the car. Well, at least his mission was accomplished. 

We hope Fan’s father will honour his promise and really return to his son after the Chinese New Year. Otherwise, Fan might have to ‘get busy’ again.


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