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Durian Seller in Kedah Goes Viral After Selling Durian Flesh at Only RM25 Per Kilo – Without the Shell!



This Seller in Kedah Sells Durian Fruit Without The Skin for Only RM 25 Per Kilo - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Explorasa and Harian Metro

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Are you a durian lover? If you’re a true blue Malaysian, you probably are! The creamy and soft texture of durian flesh drives most of us crazy. However, prising open that thorny, hard shell might be too much of a challenge for some of us, stopping us from ever enjoying the fruit without assistance. Well, this guy from Kedah might just have the solution for you.

In a tweet that went viral with over 17k retweets, a vendor selling just the durian flesh by the kilo without the shell was praised for his ethical business practices.

Source: Twitter

“For the first time in history, only the durian flesh is weighed and sold,” the Twitter user wrote in his tweet.

The durian stall originally went viral on Facebook with over six thousand people sharing a post about it.


Source: Facebook

“It’s RM 25 per kg for just the flesh, the shell does not count,” Nur Hajar wrote in her Facebook post.

“If the durian flesh is not good, he will not sell it,” she added.

The stall is located on the Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) highway heading to Changlun, Kedah.

Source: Facebook

Harian Metro revealed that the seller’s name is Mohd Izzuwan Ismail, age 30, and he says that so far, no customers have complained about the durians or his services. Talk about good customer service!

So if you live around the area or fancy a road trip up north, you can definitely check out this unique stall to get your durian fix!


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