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Drunk Man Hilariously Rescues ‘Dog’ By The Roadside But It Turns Out To Be A COW!



Source: Facebook & Google
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One must be really drunk to mistake a calf for a dog. But it’s okay, everybody makes mistakes.

Recently with the pandemic shaking up the whole world and also our yearly plans, most of us have been feeling down. Life is quite monotonous these days as all we do is work, eat, sleep at the same place. So for some of us, we put our hair down and relax on certain days by having a glass of wine. Or five.

On 20th May, a Thai man uploaded a post on Facebook which has gone viral with a whopping 32,000 shares!

The post detailed one of his drunken experiences and it is absolutely hilarious.

He starts off by saying that he is usually quite a good drinker and even if he’s drunk, he’d be able to drive home by himself. However, he had gotten quite drunk that day and when he was heading home, he saw a ‘dog’ and took pity on it. PS: Drunk driving is very much frowned upon, so do NOT do it!

He wrote,

“I went home to see a dog by the side of the road. So pitiful! So I brought in the car, is this anyone’s dog? Please contact me to get it back at my house.”

As we all can see in the picture… That definitely is no dog.

In a follow-up post, he says that no one came to pick the poor soul. He tried to feed it a bone but it didn’t want to eat and looks like it’s missing its home. The poor thing… 

Netizens called him out on being an idiot for mistaking a calf for a dog! Others hoped that this man was just trolling and not actually this… dumb.

That is certainly a very drunken mistake! We certainly hope that the man has returned the little calf to the mama cow. And remember to never drink and drive!


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Source: Facebook
Source: Google
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