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Doggo Found Lepaking on Car Roofs, Police Had to Come & Persuade Him to Come Down



Source: Facebook

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Our pets at times can be quite willful, making it hard to manage them sometimes. But that moment when they stare at you with their big glossy eyes, one can’t help to hug and ruffle their fur and poof, there goes our anger, dissipating away as if it had never existed before. Even with their crazy antics, we can’t help to just shower them with love.

A viral Facebook post gained the attention of netizens showing this adorably stubborn white husky refusing to come down from a random woman’s car roof even when coaxed by passersby. The scene happened on Monday (19th August) where the dog, known as Sip Saen (which means “1 million” in Thai) was found lepak-ing on the car roof when the car’s owner was picking up her child from school.

Apparently, Sip Saen’s favourite hobby is jumping onto car roofs just for the fun of it, reported KhaosodPerhaps he believes that he’s a relative of Simba, sitting proudly on the pretend cliff while overseeing his kingdom village.

ข่าว.สุนัขอันธพาลครองเมืองขึ้นหลังรถแล้วไม่ยอมลง เดือดร้อนทั้งตำรวจและกู้ภัยต้องช่วยเจรจา…

Posted by รุ่ง วงษ์ชัยเดช on Monday, August 19, 2019

Source: Facebook

Wanting to leave the vicinity, the woman tried to slowly drive her car away, hoping Sip Saen would jump down and find other ‘cliffs’ to climb on to. Unfortunately, the doggo didn’t even budge, still insisting on that particular spot to chill. At that point, she was desperate, what else could she do? Call the police, lah!

Apparently, the dog doesn’t even feel intimidated with the arrival of the abang police even when they tried to call and shout him down.

They had even tempted the doggo with food, which he gladly accepted, but remained majestically on his perch. Smart ah, that cheeky doggo.

The dog still refused to come down even after being persuaded for one hour. The car owner just gave up and then carefully drove her car back to Sip Saen’s village that was 500 metres away. The doggo, fortunately, deigned to descend from his place atop Pride Rock once the car came to a stop. Perhaps he recognised his true kingdom. Who knows?

Sip Saen really does look like a king, sitting majestically on his throne with his adoring subjects. Fortunately, ‘His Majesty’ was not hurt in this incident. What do you guys think of this? Share with us in the comment section.


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