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“I Was Told That I Was Being Disrespectful Towards Islam For Wearing Shorts While Doing Charity”



"I Was Told I Was Being Disrespectful Towards Islam For Wearing Shorts While Doing Charity" - World Of Buzz

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Do you guys remember that wonderful man Kuan Chee Heng who is always doing volunteer work to help people out, especially financially? Well guess what, someone just had the audacity to judge this kind angel for his clothes!

Apparently, wearing shorts while doing charity work was being disrespectful towards Islam and Muslims.

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Before any of you turn on your keyboard warrior mode, do note that Chee Heng is only pinpointing the few people who commented about him, and not the race as a whole. In fact, his loving heart has helped Malaysians of all races!

Anyway, after the accusation, Chee Heng decided to write a heartfelt reply in his Facebook post.


“I am disappointed that I was advised about wearing shorts as being disrespectful towards Islam when I go into a Muslim’s home.”

“I am shocked. I feel even though I am not a Muslim and I wear shorts, I am kafir and maybe murtad. I feel that I am called to help these people because Allah has united me with those who are in need of help.”

“I feel the people who received my help are wiser about whether I respect them or not. If I am in a situation where I need to carry heavy bags of rice, solid items of needs, the long pants will limit my movements and suffocate me. My abilities will be restricted from helping as many people as I can.”

“Don’t (let it be a problem) just because of pants. The poor are still the poor, the hungry are still hungry. You are merely looking for faults and I dare swear in front of Allah that you are the type of person sent to fuel my spirit with your cursing and criticizing which makes me want to help more Muslims because you’re not actually helping, but you help to fuel my spirit with your bickering.”

“Wear pants as long as you wish and let us help those who are in need. I hope Allah will open your heart as a Muslim to look deeper and understand better what Islam truly is. Maybe one day you will get the true guidance, my dear friend.”

*Translated into English from Kuan Chee Heng’s Facebook post*

Later, Chee Heng even added a joke in the comments section.

“Next time I’ll put on a coat and tie and spray on perfume before I go and visit the poor, ok?”

And he really did wore a tux when he went on his next charity visitation!

Although it may seem as though Chee Heng was getting a lot of heat from this whole pants issue, people of all races poured love towards him in the comments section.

“Short or long pants, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is your heart that is really good, abang kentang.”

Well, regardless of how long or short his pants was, we should all strive to be more giving and kind like Chee Heng. In his Facebook, it is evident that he is a kind angel as he constantly helps different people. He also always urge others to do the same.

So we should do our part to be charitable too! God bless the kind soul that is Kuan Chee Heng.

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