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China Plans To Implement Ban On Dog & Cat Consumption Following COVID-19 Outbreak



China Finally Plans To Implement Ban On Wildlife Trade & Consumption Following COVID-19 Outbreak - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: TheStar & StraitsTimes

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Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak, scientists have been raking their brains and injecting monkeys in order to find a permanent solution to the disease.

China, on the other hand, being the country the disease originated from, has taken a different issue into their hands. They’ve decided to ensure that no other disease like the coronavirus breaks out in their country ever again by putting an official ban on the consumption of dogs and cats, as the country brings the hammer down on the wildlife trade which led to the original outbreak.

Source: France24

The regulations of the ban includes a list of 9 meats that are permitted for consumption, such as pork, chicken, beef, rabbit, fish, seafood and so forth, as according to Channel News Asia.

“Banning the consumption of wild animals is a common practice in developed countries and is a universal requirement of modern civilisation,” a notice said.

The document recognised dogs and cats as pets and have banned their consumption, though snakes, turtles and frogs were excluded from the list despite their popularity as dishes in South China.

Source: StraitsTimes

Other permitted meats are lamb, donkey, ducks, geese and pigeon. The proposal noted there are more than 2,000 species of protected wildlife in China.

Those caught ignoring the ban will be fined up to RM12,029 (20,000 Yuan) for consumption of protected animals, RM1,202 (2,000 Yuan) for non-protected animals and shops serving protected meats will face fines up to RM30,073 (50,000 Yuan).

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