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Cases Are Shooting Up Again, Here Are 6 Places Malaysians Should Be Extra Careful At & Why



Source: beat.com.au & Monkey Kinetics

We were doing pretty well during mid-year when the number of cases went down to double, even single digits. Malaysians were out and about for work at the office, recreation at parks, exercise at gyms, and enjoying group dinners with friends and family.

Then a few weeks ago, on November 7th, Malaysia recorded an all-time high on the number of cases in a single day at 1,755 cases. At this point, we are already in the second Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) and everyone is once again asked to stay indoors.

Although we’re still allowed to do a lot of things outdoors, we still think you should take extra precaution when you visit these places just to be safe:


1. Visiting friends’ homes or attending house parties

We all miss going to gigs, karaoke nights, concerts and festivals too. Some might try to organise house parties as a way to let off steam with friends and while this might sound like an awesome idea, it can also lead to a risk of infection.

Try to refrain from hosting parties at home or attending any outside while the CMCO is still in effect. Even if you don’t get infected, you could get in major trouble with the law!

Why it’s dangerous:

  1. House parties are often crammed with a lot of people and zero social distancing
  2. Food and drinks are usually put out in the open and are easily contaminated

Risk level: very high


2. Gymnasiums

We can’t stress enough how easy it is to get infected here. Everyone is leaving sweat everywhere, breathing heavily, and touching every piece of equipment which you will also be touching eventually.

We’re already grossed out by people who don’t wipe their sweat off the bench after using it, what more after they possibly leave some infectious virus behind? The best thing you can do is work out at home.

Why it’s dangerous:

  1. Many touchpoints that are exposed to sweat and other bodily fluids
  2. Working out in a gym would mean having to touch equipment that many others have used before you

Risk level: very high


3. Shopping malls

With all the online shopping you can do today, there’s really no reason to go to a mall unless there’s something really urgent you need to get (or if you somehow cannot access the internet). You have a high risk of getting infected due to the number of touchpoints there are in a mall.

Nevertheless, always wear a medical mask and adhere to all SOPs when entering any high-risk areas and you should be fine.

Why it’s dangerous:

  1. High capacity of people in the mall makes it hard to maintain social distancing
  2. A very high amount of touchpoints such as elevator buttons, staircase railings, continuous contact with retail staff when you pay and more

Risk level: high


4. Supermarkets, hypermarkets & wet markets

Just like shopping malls, any kind of market is a high-risk area. All the food items that are handled by thousands of human beings a day definitely increases the probability of being infected.

Always remember to keep your hands sanitized and try your best to maintain social distancing when you visit a supermarket.

Why it’s dangerous:

  1. Thousands of people handle items in a grocery store every day
  2. People don’t always buy what they touch
  3. Aisles can get congested and you won’t be able to maintain social distancing

Risk level: high


5. Restaurants and cafes

We know it’s always nice to get out and have a change of scenery, especially after having to work from home for such a long time. But eateries have their own risks too. Try to go to restaurants or cafes that have strict SOPs and ones that adhere to them very closely.

Why it’s dangerous:

  1. Multiple touchpoints including chairs, tables, door handles and contact with staff
  2. Small cafes don’t offer a lot of space for social distancing
  3. Some places might have loose compliance to SOPs (e.g. allowing more pax per table, not sanitizing tables frequently enough)

Risk level: moderate


6. Offices and co-working spaces

For some of us, working from the office is unavoidable as your tasks might require you to be on-site depending on your company’s management. Even so, try and maintain social distancing while at your desks and opt for virtual meetings rather than face-to-face. It’s also best to frequently sanitize your workspace to decrease any risk of infection.

As long as the SOPs are followed and enforced, working from an office can be relatively safe.

Why it’s dangerous:

  1. Many touchpoints such as elevator buttons, door handles, and more
  2. Offices usually share a pantry which is used by every member of the staff
  3. Meetings will usually have everyone grouped in a room and speaking at close proximity

Risk level: moderate


Ultimately, with plenty of SOPs in place, it’s best we follow them and maybe do more to protect ourselves and those who are more vulnerable. The best method is still to maintain social distancing and wash our hands regularly but there are also many innovations that can virus-proof your living and working spaces to make it even safer. Some of these innovations come in the form of paint!

That’s right, Nippon Paint has launched the Nippon Paint VirusGuard which is 99% effective against human coronaviruses, H1N1, HFMD, and bacteria.*

Formulated with Silver Ion Technology, it is able to destroy the viruses and bacteria that land on painted surfaces – which are walls! The largest surface area of any indoor spaces.

Where is it best to use Nippon Paint VirusGuard you ask? Almost any space! And we highly recommend it for:

  1. Residences – We usually neglect cleaning the largest surface in our homes which are our walls where viruses and bacteria can survive
  2. Health Institutions – Hospitals and clinics receive infected/ill patients every day and will most likely have viruses and bacteria living on the walls
  3. Educational centres – Places like schools, universities and tuition centres are visited by hundreds and thousands of students each day making their walls the perfect breeding ground for bacteria
  4. Commercial areas – Office spaces, shopping outlets and restaurants also have large wall surfaces that come in contact with thousands of people each day

If you’re looking to fortify your living or working space with Nippon Paint VirusGuard, check out their online store to find special bundles for the best value! There are various bundle sets that provide a complete coating system for the best painting experience!

All these bundles and other Nippon Paint products come with FREE shipping from 21 to 30 November as long as you spend a minimum of RM99 in a single receipt!

Head over to the Nippon Paint Online Store right now and grab them before the promotion ends!

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