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Beware! There’s Been 5 Accidents On The North-South Expressway This Week Alone



Source: Kosmo & Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS

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With interstate travel now allowed, there are more and more cars on the road. That’s why, when you’re travelling, please drive safely – especially if you’re with a loved one.

Unfortunately, for the past week alone, there’s been 5 accidents on the North-South Expressway. So, we caution everyone who’s travelling long distance to be wary.

Here’s what has happened so far.


1. Seven car pile up

A seven car pile up happened at KM 261.9 on the North-South Expressway on 13 December and it caused traffic congestion for up to 8 kilometers. The cause of the pile up is still unknown but thankfully, the 20 people involved only sustained minor injuries.


2. Motorbike crashed into the back of broken down bus

On the same day, a 23-year-old restaurant manager lost her life after her motorbike rammed into the back of a broken down tour bus at KM 201.3 of the North-South Expressway. She apparently was unable to control her motorbike when the accident happened and she was pronounced dead on the scene.


3. Couple killed crashing into lost control car

On 14th December, a motorcyclist and his wife were killed after they were unable to avoid a car that had lost control. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead on the scene, whereas his wife had passed away while on the way to a hospital. Both the motorcycle and the car went up in flames after the impact. This accident happened at KM 363.7 on the Southbound side of the North-South Expressway.


4. Motor-truck collision

On 15th December, a motorcyclist was badly injured after he had collided with a maintenance truck at KM 457.4 of the North-South Expressway, after the overhead bridge restaurant at Sungai Buloh. The cause of the accident is still unknown.


5. Fatal collision into stopped lorry

on 16 December, sadly, three children lost their lives while their mother was left severely injured in an accident at KM 272.4 of the North-South Expressway near Simpang Pulai. Two lorries had hit each other and were stopped at the emergency lane when the family’s car collided with them.


Though accidents are never planned, but what we can do is to start becoming more careful on the road as people are losing their lives, especially children.

What us as drivers can do:

  1. Take a rest or nap if feeling even the faintest of tiredness – microsleep is a real thing and contributes to accidents
  2. Drive within the speed limit and navigate safely on the road
  3. Take extra precautions when changing lanes
  4. Do NOT use emergency lanes unless necessary

We owe it to ourselves and to other road users to become safer drivers and riders and to cut down on the number of accidents on our roads.

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section. 


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Source: Kosmo

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