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Authorities Remind Public Not To Feed Monkeys After Woman Gets Attacked On Kledang Hill



Source: Sin Chew Daily & Indy 100

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Who do we blame in situations like these?

A woman was attacked by a monkey after her run at Kledang Hill, Ipoh, on 1 January 2021. The monkey’s attack left a two-inch long wound on her left calf.

According to the chief of community policing of Menglembu, this incident took place at the foothill of Kledang Hill, near the parking lot at about 11 am this morning. The incident happened around 11am when the victim and her friend were approaching the parking lot after their run. According to the victim, she did not provoke the monkey in any way nor did she have any food on her, reported Sin Chew Daily.

When they were approaching their car in the parking lot, the victim felt a sharp pain in her leg and found the monkey biting her.

“The authorities quickly treated and bandaged her wound. They then contacted an ambulance and brought her to the hospital as they feared that the monkey might pass viruses and bacterial infection to the wounds.”

The chief pointed out that the monkeys have been in the area for a long time as people constantly feed them. Just in the past year or two, the team has heard of more than ten encounters between the monkeys and the people hiking in Kledang Hill.

He appealed to the public to STOP feeding the monkeys as when there’s no food, the monkeys will not appear. When they rushed to the scene, they could still find some people feeding the monkeys.

“The feeding might have been done purely out of the kindness of your hearts or [maybe] you want to show your children, but you don’t realize the long term effects of this. People could even lose lives!”

The chief added that previously when he has asked people to stop feeding the monkeys, they accused him of being nosy. He hopes that the Wildlife Bureau will pay attention to this matter.

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Source: Indy 100

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