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The Differences Between Asian Parents and Caucasian Parents



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Stereotypes are what we say is not cool to have… but inevitably happens whether we like or not. Let’s just let loose for awhile and go on the stereotypes about Asian vs Caucasian parents we hear so often.


1. Beating children as punishment 


Let’s face it, we’ve got to start with the first thing that probably everyone thought of when seeing this title. It’s a common norm that when it comes to making an urgent disciplinary protocol, Asian parents would resort to beating as a way to make the children remember the pain if they ever think of doing the wrong thing they did again. Although sometimes all they can remember is the pain and not why they are being punished to begin with!


Grounded in the room/house

room grounded

Then on the other hand, the Caucasian parents’ answer to this, as commonly observed, is to do this strange thing called, “You’re grounded”. Typically putting their children as prisoners in their room. A room which that has tv, computer, phone, mini fridge, and most of all, INTERNET.


2. Only As and nothing less

b in maths

Ah, yes, the incredibly high expectations that Asian parents set for their children’s academic achievements. It doesn’t matter whether they are even interested in Albert Einstein math or NASA engineering – in fact for some, whatever the real interests may be, it does not matter at all! Especially when your interests lie in arts, singing, acting, something the parent will call “not a real profession”. The mantra is that all As will bring you anywhere you want in the world.


As long as you’re doing something you’re passionate about

lindsey sterling

On the other part of the four-seasoned world, it seems that As don’t really matter, as long as their children is doing whatever they are into, even if it is “not a real profession”. There are many that learn to harness and develop their skills and become more successful than any “A” grader out there.


3. Finish everything on your plate 


Put your hands up if you’re an Asian kid who had to finish everything on your plate while being reminded about how other people don’t have the luxury of food like you do (but all you can think about is your bursting stomach).


Skip dinner as punishment

no dinner

Now put your hands up if you’re a Western kid who got sent away without a meal to eat at all before bed as a form of punishment (and then dream about the real hunger games in the literal sense).


4. No simply going out with friends without detailed itinerary 


Just because they don’t trust your friends and the rest of the world, Asian parents need to know everything you are going to do when you’re going out. We would roll our eyes upon being questioned, we’d think to ourselves “it’s not like you know who my friends are”.


Come back before the set curfew


On the other hand, because they want to show they trust you, Caucasian parents simply set a timed curfew and expects you to be back till then and you’re okay as long as all your body parts are intact.



5. No dating till you’re old enough

no dating dad

Usually due to Asian parents prioritizing your grades and future, they don’t want any distractions jeopardizing it. But it gets a little frustrating with each passing age and you still aren’t “old enough” yet.

Are you seeing anyone yet?

Like nosey Asian relatives, Caucasian parents try to pry information out from their children, whether they have this boy/girl that they like.



6. Nagging you for getting sick

asian parents

All you want is some attention, but instead you get words thrown at you because you didn’t use an umbrella when it was drizzling, or maybe not sleeping earlier than you should have. To make it worse, they make you drink the worse tasting medicines. Asian parents will find reasons why it was your fault that you got sick and continue lecturing you for not listening to their advice.

see i told you


Chicken soup for the ill

Skip school, sleep in all day and chicken soup? I would’ve gotten sick more often!


7. When things are heated up, yells at children


In a typical Asian household, when the situation takes a 360 degrees dramatic turn, you would usually hear the parents yelling at their children.


When things are heated up, yells at parents

screaming at mom

Then in a typical Caucasian household, in that self-same dramatic turn, you would usually hear the children yelling at their parents.

Jokes and stereotypes aside, there is no wrong or right way to raise a child. We trust both cultures have their own method to teach their children to be bright individuals when they get older. I mean, just look how we turned out!

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