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As A Tribute For Their Services, Artist Reimagines Delivery Riders As Power Rangers!



Source: Kensuke Creations

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Even before the pandemic itself, we’ve been reliant on delivery riders for our packages or our late-night food cravings. When the MCO started in March 2020, their significance in our lives increased multiple-fold and true enough, they are the nation’s unsung heroes.

Everyone expressed their love and appreciation for our delivery riders in various creative ways and one of them is Ken Hensly, a Cebu based artist from the Philippines. As a tribute to delivery riders, Ken reimagined the riders as Power Rangers and it’s safe to say we’re obsessed!

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Ken said he was inspired to create the art after an office Halloween party in 2019 where he dressed up as a Grab rider and his partner kept telling him that he looked like a Power Ranger. When the pandemic started in 202o, Ken was fully amazed at how these delivery businesses were such a huge help during the trying times when people stayed indoors.

“Riders, sort of, became one of our lifelines here in the Phililppines!”

By meeting a lot of them and becoming their friends, he understood how hard their work was as a frontliner, though not discrediting all the other frontliners. He used brands like Grab, FoodPanda, Lalamove and Langkas (Philippines-based delivery services) as these were the services his family and him used the most throughout the pandemic.

Ken recognises that there are many other delivery services out there but he mainly wanted to give a shoutout to those services that were common in his area and the Philippines.

Ken revealed that he’s been receiving a lot of messages asking why didn’t he include other big brands but he feels that at the end of the day, it’s not about the brand but thanking all these types of businesses and riders for creating such a huge innovative impact and difference in our new normal lives.

Kudos to Ken for expressing his gratitude in such a creative manner. Here’s a business idea from us, why not convert this art into action figures? To all the toymakers out there, let us know if you’re down for this collaboration!


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