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Anti-Vaxxer Demands RM10k To Appear On M’sian TV Show Because Public Would Insult Her



Anti-Vaxxer Demanded For RM10k To Appear On TV Shows But Was Terrified Of The Public's Insult - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter

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The polio disease is back in Malaysia and the public is getting restless over the anti-vaccination trend that has insidiously crept into Malaysia. We know that anti-vaxxers exist among us, and their actual beliefs are a hot topic of debate among netizens. Sensing a story, the media are hoping to get a scoop on these people, and it would be even better if they could have a whole debate session with them.

Which is why a TV Al-Hijrah representative reached out to a alleged anti-vaxxer, Mardiana from a Malaysian anti-vaccination Facebook group on whether she would be interested in making an appearance. But, her responses were totally bonkers.

Asrul Muzaffar, who used to be a TV representative, said this of Mardiana’s demands.

“I’ve made numerous arrangements for TV interviews and live appearances for Ministers and CEOs but none of them were as stuck up as this Anti-Vax gang.”

Meanwhile, Mardiana posted on her own social media, “An invitation from TV Al Hijrah. I’ll just charge them RM10k. It’s their loss if they can’t comply.”

Source: Twitter

She attached the list of ‘conditions’ that TV Al-Hijrah had to agree to in order for her to make an appearance to the post, and they’re quite frankly mind-boggling.

“I will accept this invitation ONLY IF…

1. The questions from me will be answered by all of the panellists.
2. The questions for anti-vaxxers must be given 2 days before the segment.
3. No new questions will be directed at me during the segment.
4. The producers will agree to allow me to show my slides (roughly 2-3 pages).
5. A payment of RM10,000 as compensation for the expected public criticism.

I am sure that your company will gain a lot of viewers and huge profits from this if we get involved.”

Annoyed by this, the public expressed their thoughts on the demands.

“Obviously, you can’t ask a new question on the spot since there will be multiple cameras recording her, so she can’t Google for an answer to counter-attack with. She would kantoi.”

“On a serious note, why would you be so scared to receive questions on the spot? Pure anti-vaxxers were supposed to be super knowledgeable to counter impromptu questions.”

“Dear God, so arrogant.”

Source: Twitter

Well, obviously she won’t attend be attending the panel. What do you think?


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