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Abandoned Girl Turns Away Biological Parents to Care for Paralysed Adoptive Father Alone



Filial Daughter Turns Away Biological Parents to Care for Paralysed Adoptive Father - World Of Buzz
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Years ago, a newborn baby girl was mercilessly abandoned by her biological parents at a hospital in Guangdong, China, Kwong Wah reported.

However, a farmer named Zheng, who was in the hospital because his wife had a miscarriage earlier, had decided to adopt the cute little baby girl. She was given the name of Xiao Qi and she has since been well taken care of by her adoptive parents.

Fast forward to 2010, Zheng suddenly suffered from high blood pressure which triggered a series of conditions that left him paralysed waist down. Not long after that, Zheng’s wife callously abandoned him and ran away, leaving Zheng, his mother and Xiao Qi. :'(!!

Source: Kwong Wah

Two years later, Xiao Qi’s biological parents suddenly showed up to bring her home after all these years. It was at that moment that she learnt the truth about her adoption.

Instead of following her biological parents home, Xiao Qi turned them away and decided to stay to take care of her adoptive father because she wanted to repay Zheng.

It seemed like they just couldn’t catch a break because in 2015, Zheng’s mother who was in her 90’s passed away due to sickness, leaving the 11-year-old Xiao Qi to soldier on and take care of her paralysed father.

Source: Kwong Wah

It was understood that Zheng was not financially well off and they have to rely on monetary aid from the government.

And things weren’t looking good for Xiao Qi either because when she was adopted 11 years ago, Zheng didn’t complete the necessary paperworks which left Xiao Qi stateless until today.

Luckily, the local government is looking into ways to help her including giving her a nationality after her predicament was reported by the local media.

Thanks to the fund-raising conducted by the public, they now have enough money to build a new house and moved out from the broken house they’re currently living in.

Besides, a few entrepreneurs have promised to raise funds for Xiao Qi’s education fee in future as well. Looks like she doesn’t have to worry about her college entrance fee anymore.

Xiao Qi still have a long way to go, but with all the help she’s getting and her fighting spirit, I’m sure she will be fine. 


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