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8 Taste of Nostalgia in Kepong Baru



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Kepong is a bustling town at the border of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. With the development of major townships and exclusive housing areas, new F&B outlets and food courts are mushrooming at a rapid rate. Not forgetting the opening of various fast food franchises in the 4 malls around Kepong. Needless to say, people in Kepong are spoilt for choice when it comes to food. However, tucked away behind a busy road in Kepong Baru is a rare gem that has been around for generations. The Glutton Square on Jalan Antoi Kiri 1 used to be a lively hangout spot for old timers but many younger generations now are unaware of the place and may find it unappealing compare to other modern and flashy food courts around. It doesn’t help that the square does not have a name and is pretty hard to find! But to a few regular customers, this place is a haven for delicious and affordable food.


1. Famous Nasi Lemak

IMG_0031  FullSizeRender

This family-run Nasi Lemak stall has been around for 37 years! Open every day from 7pm, they run out of food pretty fast (sometimes as early as 8.30pm!) and there will always be a pretty significant queue. They offer various side dishes with their Nasi Lemak including Chicken Rendang, Sotong Curry, Fried chicken and many more. A packet of Nasi Lemak tambah nasi with Chicken Rendang and fried egg would only set you back about RM6.20!


2. Uncle’s Mixed Fried


Uncle has been running his stall since 1992. Ever since then his menu has seen significant changes. Due to his old age, he could no longer make strenuous dishes such as his famous Curry Noodle. But Uncle still serves up delicious Fried Noodles like Kung Fu Chao and Hokkien Mee. His Fried Rice is another must-try.



3. Ah Fook Kueh Chap

kueh chap

Kueh Chap is pretty much native to Johor, Singapore and Sarawak but lesser known in KL. A bowl of Kueh Chap in Sarawak would consist of flat noodles in herbal broth topped with a mixture of pork meat, pork belly, pork intestines, toupok (fried tofu skin) and boiled egg. But Ah Fook uncle allows you to choose your dishes and offer a choice of either flat noodles or rice. A plate of pork intestine, boiled egg and tofu with either rice or flat noodles will only cost you around RM3 – RM5. Mr. Fook also offers a delectable salted vege dish that will leave your mouth watering.

IMG_0008  IMG_0013


4. Traditional Malaysian Delights and ‘Kueh’

Nowadays its pretty hard to find traditional kueh unless you wake up bright and early and head to the wet market. But being a night owl generations, most of us would pay that extra $$ to satisfy our cravings for yam cakes, popiah and other kuehs at modern ‘kopitiam’ in shopping malls. This little roadside stall run by an English-speaking aunty offers a wide variety of kueh at only RM0.70 per piece. Aunty has been running the stall with her family for the past 30 years. They also offer a host of delicious sweet porridge including bubur cha cha, Len Chee Kang, Red/Green porridge, pulut hitam and many more.

IMG_0017 IMG_0021  IMG_0020


5. Drinks and Desserts


For dessert lovers, you can get Ice Kacang, Ai Yue Peng (Jelly) and other delicious juices from various stalls in the square. Although you wouldn’t be able to get fancy shaved ice here, but the traditional Ice Kacang as good as it gets here.




6. Seafood

There are a few seafood stalls in the square but crab is one of their specialty. However, it is pretty rare to get crab here of late due to the high market price for mud crab. It can go up to as high as RM90 per kilo. Nevertheless, if you have the cravings and can afford to splurge a little during off season, this would be a good place to go.

photo 1 photo 3



7. Other Stalls In The Square

There are also other stalls selling porridge, wanton mee, fried noodles and etc at the square. Most of these stalls has been around for more than 20 years, selling recipes that has been passed down for generations.

photo 4 photo 2


So where is it??

where is it

Now for the most important question, where is this little gem that’s hidden in plain sight in Kepong Baru?

The Glutton Square is located at Jalan Antoi Kiri 1, Kepong Baru (just behind Kei Tak Sek on the main road).

A significant difference that you would notice when you step into the square would be the fact that most of the stalls are run by the local owners themselves with a few having foreign help. Although the Glutton Square does not have WiFi, air-con or flashy lights, but it does promises delicious and nostalgic food that will leave you wanting more.

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