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9 Reasons Why Staying in Campus is Awesome



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After high school, we are all busy with scholarship and college applications. While some of us dream of pursuing our tertiary education overseas, some of us dread leaving our comfort zones and opt for colleges a stone throw from home. If you chose to leave home, you may be homesick for a couple of weeks (probably even longer), but when you have graduated and you look back, you will realize some of the most amazing years in your life were those spent in campus. Having been away from home for 4 years, allow me to illustrate why staying in campus is awesome.


1. You will learn to be independent 


No more home cooked food, no more discarding worn clothes in the laundry basket for Mum to wash, no more being driven around by dad. Sounds miserable, but it will definitely make you independent. While you may be dreading it now, some day, you’d be thankful as it builds your character and teaches you to stand on your own two feet.


2. You will appreciate your family more 

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Depending on where your campus is, you may not see your family as often as you would like to. If you need to take a flight back home, you may see them only twice a year, or maybe even less. This however, would make you appreciate your family more and Christmas comes early for you every time you have the chance to go home to them.


3. You will make amazing friends and roommates 

best friend

While high school friends are awesome, you will also meet some amazing people while in college especially when staying in campus. If you are lucky, you will have a roommate with whom you can experiment recipes, go to the gym, talk about boys or girls , laugh at the same jokes and swap clothes with you. If you are not as lucky, at least you’ll learn to adept and handle being in a difficult situation. Living under the same roof with various types of people certainly allow you to see the world in different perspectives. Also, you’ll never be alone because you know that your mates will be just a block away whenever you need someone to talk to.


4. You will learn how to manage your finances or suffer

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If you are staying at home, you almost never have to worry about becoming broke. Even if you have splurged on that football jersey or crop top the other day, you won’t feel it as you can still have your meals at home and convince dad to spare you some money. However, if you overspend while in campus, do enjoy the Maggi Cup you’ll have for dinner every night.


5. You will truly experience and understand struggles 


Only a student who has stayed in campus would be able to relate to the struggles of having to do their own laundry, housekeeping and rumbling tummies at 3am. However, these “struggles” will eventually shape your personality and make you stronger. Oh and we don’t mean Malaysian First World Problems kinda struggles.


6. No Nagging


Sometimes, being a student is enough hard work as it is. With the piling amount of homework and assignments, and sometimes endless drama from a coursemate you despise, it’s good to be able chill in your own dorm room without your mom banging on your room door and nag for hours straight.


7. Late night outs


One of the best perks I’d say. Being a college student, it’s inevitable to sometimes want to be cool and ‘happening’. No longer the Cinderella (because your mom always calls you at 12am sharp if you’re not home yet), you are convinced that you are mature enough to party safely with a group of friends and not drink and drive. So, you put on your sexiest dress (and thank God that your mom wasn’t here to see this) and get ready for a great night out.



8. Convenience 

pizza man

Staying in campus allows you to conveniently head to the library or join a group study at any time which is perfect for studying. Knowing that your class is just 5 minutes walk from your room will also allow you to have more time to snooze. What’s really good is that you do no have to bear with the tedious driving and traffic to campus daily. If you’re having a break between classes, you can also easily access your crib for a quick nap or some time off. By staying in campus you’d be sure to fully utilize all the amenities which is most probably already included in your overall education fee.



9. Late night strolls, games or swims


Want to go for a dip in a pool at 10pm? Or for a game of futsal? Or maybe just for a stroll with your friend while having a heart to heart talk? Whichever it is, you can always count on your friends to keep you company. You will never be engulfed in loneliness as your friends will be always there when you need them and even when you don’t. You’ll also often do crazy things when staying in campus, especially late at night which will be all part of an exciting experience throughout your stay here; becoming your lifelong memory.


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