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8 Types Of Annoying People On The Train



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As though having to wake up at 6 or 7 in the morning isn’t bad enough, sometimes we have to deal with the back-to-back crowd while taking the train. For those who commute by train every day whether it is to work, college or school would certainly have encountered some people who would annoy you every once in awhile (and making that train journey a long one). Below are the 8 types of people we are sometimes unfortunate enough to cross paths with.


1. Those who rush to get in before you can get out 

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The second the doors open at your stop, you have to start battling your way out of the coach. Simply because those who want to get in couldn’t wait for you to step out. It’s common sense to let passengers inside the train to exit first and yet a lot of people don’t have this logic.



2. Those who don’t offer their seats to the elderly/pregnant women 

Its difficult to understand how some young men and women can just sit there twiddling their smartphones while there is an obvious someone beside of them who needs the seat much more. Whats even worse is when those people are actually taking up the priority seating



3. Those who refuse to hold the railing and come crashing onto you 

Some people think they have superpowers and can battle against inertia. Inevitably, the train will sway left and right, or comes to a halt, and that’s when they come falling onto you.

dont touch me


4. Those who sneeze/cough right on your face 

Cover. Your. Nose or Mouth. PLEASE. Nobody wants to be showered by your diseased breath, phlegm or saliva. And the worst part, they do not even bother apologizing after sprinkling germs all over you.



5. Those who invade your personal space 

personal space

Yes, we understand that the coaches are crowded and you can’t help but stand really close to the person next to or behind you, but there is a difference between standing really close, and breathing down someone’s neck. Unless you’re cute, then by all means, stand as close as you want 😉




6. Those who peek at your phone

peek phone

I wouldn’t mind if I was watching a funny video and you wanted to have a look, but I certainly do not appreciate you staring at my phone while I text my crush, or glancing sideways at the screen while I stalk his Instagram posts from 43 weeks ago.


7. Those who disclose “personal stories” loudly on the phone

on phone in train

Listening to what you did with that girl you met at the bar last Friday night certainly does not lift one’s spirits on a Monday morning. You either lower your voice or save the story for when meet your friend in person. Not everyone within your 1 meter radius wishes to listen to your conversation with your friend on the phone.



8. Couples who can’t keep their hands off each other


PDA alert!!! We get it if you want to be a gentleman and hold your girlfriend close to you to prevent her from rolling in the LRT like a football, but squeezing her bum, slipping your hand under her blouse or giving her little kisses on her neck is a total no-no. Please get yourselves a room and save us all the embarrassment.

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