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8 Things Your One Rich Friend Probably Had When You Were Growing Up M’sians Will Definitely Remember


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Source: PropertyGuru & @marzenazoltowska

The thing about making friends in school is that we’re bound to meet at least one kid who comes from a wealthy family. For those who did have that one rich friend, you might remember the first time you visited their house and became completely awed by all the things they owned.

Everything from the latest video game systems to a playground in their backyard, they had everything every school kid could ever want. It’s almost like living the 1994 movie ‘Richie Rich’ but perhaps not quite as over-the-top.

If you had a rich best friend, these are probably some of the things you might remember seeing at their house:

1. A big swimming pool in their backyard


Seeing this at your rich friend’s house was almost as exciting as going to a water park

This seems to be a compulsory thing for rich families to have. When your rich friend has a swimming pool, you know that you’d be spending a lot of time at their house with other friends splashing around, jumping in and shouting “cannonball!” and having a contest for who can hold their breath the longest underwater.


2. The latest video game system in the living room

Nintendo Gaming Console

Every kid dreamed of having one of these back then

Perhaps one of the most exciting things you’d find at your rich friend’s house is the latest video game system with a vast collection of games to play. You could be playing a game with your friend for hours and not realise that it’s getting dark outside until your parents call and say they are already on their way to fetch you.


3. A grand piano the size of a small car

Kid Playing Piano

They most probably had private piano lessons too

If you ever had a rich friend who had a giant grand piano in their living room, chances are your friend had the opportunity to take piano lessons too. Even if you’re not a piano player yourself, you can’t help but sit at the instrument and play off-key tunes while pretending you’re a musical maestro of some kind.


4. A huge trampoline out in the yard

Kids On Trampoline

Birthday parties with trampolines are the best!

Next to the swimming pool, your rich friend most probably had a trampoline in their yard too. Depending on how large the trampoline is, you’ve probably tried doing somersaults on it and have had accidents on more than one occasion. Despite the hazards of jumping around on a trampoline, it’s still great outdoor fun and we’re not afraid to admit we wish we had one even right now as adults.


5. Stacks of VHS tapes that are taller than you

Vhs Tapes

So many movies, so little time

Before there was Astro, Netflix or Disney Plus, our video entertainment only came in the form of chunky VHS tapes. Your friend most probably had stacks of it, ranging from the latest movies and TV shows you could only dream of watching. You might also have come across a different set of tapes that you weren’t allowed to watch, such as violent or scary movies that your friend’s parents own.


6. A large screen TV that almost covers the wall

Large Tv Screen

It probably wasn’t this big but it sure seemed like it

You probably wonder why your rich friend even bothers going to the cinema when they have a huge television set that looks like it couldn’t even fit through their door. They usually have a great home theatre system to go with the TV and anything you watch on it automatically gives you a sense of being in a movie theatre.


7. A full-sized, professional-grade pool table

Pool Table

That feeling when you accidentally push the ball too hard and it flies off the table

You’ve probably seen your friend’s dad playing pool with his friends once in a while and were curious to give it a shot (pun intended). Unfortunately, as a kid, the pool table was probably too tall and the cues too long for you to play so you end up just using your hands to roll the pool balls. It was still a lot of fun, though!


8. A huge kitchen filled with all sorts of fancy snacks and ice cream

Magnum Ice Cream 2

Pov of when you raid their freezer for ice cream

We’re not so sure why a rich family of three or four members in a house needs a huge kitchen that could probably feed an entire district. Perhaps it’s because they tend to have all sorts of fancy imported foods and snacks.

But what probably always got your attention in their kitchen was the delicious ice creams they always seemed to have stocked up. One staple brand that you will always find in the freezer is Wall’s ice cream. You might remember favourites like Paddle Pop or Solero, and some of the more atas ones like Magnum.

Now, you can stock up on fancy desserts at home too with the new Wall’s Carte D’Or ice-cream!

Just like your rich friend from your childhood, you can now indulge in sumptuous frozen treats any time you want. The Wall’s Carte D’Or selection of ice cream is inspired by their French heritage that contains #IndulgenceInEverySpoon.


The Carte D’Or range comes in four decadent flavours, each with premium ingredients from around the world:

  • Au Chocolate Noir – Dark chocolate with Italian chocolate pieces
  • Caramel Au Buerre – Toffee with butter tart, roasted nuts & Australian almonds
  • A La Vanille – French vanilla with Madagascar vanilla bean
  • A La Fraise – Strawberry flavour with strawberry pieces

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself after a hard day’s work, or as a gift for a special someone, Carte D’Or is a perfect choice of dessert for any occasion that will surely add a touch of lavishness.

Carte Dor Kv Chocolate 01

To get your hands on some, you can head over to the Carte D’Or official website and purchase them from a platform of your choice. Stay updated on all of Wall’s ice cream range by following their Facebook and Instagram pages!

Try some out and tell us your favourite flavour!

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Buzzfeed
Source: Pinterest

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