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8 Things Malaysian Young Adults Can Definitely Relate to Every Chinese New Year


11 Things Malaysian Young Adults Can Definitely Relate To Every Chinese New Year - World Of Buzz
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It feels like just yesterday when we were counting down to the new year, and now, it’s almost Chinese New Year! Where has the time gone?!

Well, with yet another festive season around the corner, there’s a lot to look forward to, aside from public holidays! Here are some of the things you’ll definitely relate to if you celebrate Chinese New Year:

1. Hearing “wah, so big already!” or “when are you getting married?” for like, a hundred times

10 Things Malaysian Young Adults Can Definitely Relate To Every Chinese New Year - World Of Buzz 10

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Why still not married? Where are you working? Got good pay ah? So big already still want to collect ang pau ah? Next year better start giving lor! You’re married already? Why no babies yet!

This is pretty much the go-to conversation starter for many of our kaypoh aunties and uncles when they see us at Chinese New Year gatherings. Well, one way to avoid these questions is to divert the attention back to them. Interrogate your relatives back. Aunties and uncles love talking about themselves, so might as well ask them 101 questions too.

How are your adorable kids/grandkids? Uncle, you look so fit, how do you do it? Wah auntie, your handbag so nice, from where? Auntie, the food so nice, how did you make it?

Fight fire with fire. 🔥


2. Having to endure those quiet, awkward reunion dinners with the elders, or worse, getting stuck at the kids’ table

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Source: thespruce

By elders, we mean grandparents, great grandparents, or maybe your uncles and aunties who are much older than you or your parents. These dinners are usually much quieter and on a more serious note. Generation gap too big ma!

Nevertheless, no matter how big the generation gap, every generation – past or present – has something good to bring to the table. You can always be rest assured that you’ll have good, meaningful conversations with the elderly, if you ask the right questions. Talk to them about life, their past, WWII, anything! They usually give great life advice and they tell really good stories too! After all, they’ve eaten more salt than we’ve eaten rice!

So, don’t look down on past or future generations! Plus, it’s much better than getting stuck at the kids’ table, right?


3. Karaoke-ing along to CNY songs because you hear them EVERYWHERE: In malls, on the radio, at your cousin’s house, in coffee shops, etc.

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Chinese New Year just isn’t complete without catchy Chinese New Year songs!

Some of the most popular songs include “Gōng Xi Gōng Xi”, “Xīn Nián Lái Dào Duō Rè Nào” and countless more! If you’re not sure what we’re referring to, don’t worry, you’ll know when CNY arrives and these songs start playing on loop practically everywhere you go.

In case you want a break from CNY songs, try bringing your own CDs, earphones, or connect the car radio to your phone via Bluetooth! Spotify FTW!


4. When your (usually) quiet hometown is packed with KL/Selangor people (and cars)

[Test] 11 Things Malaysian Young Adults Can Definitely Relate To Every Chinese New Year - World Of Buzz 1
Source: The Star

Even though we’re in our hometowns located miles away from Kuala Lumpur, we still can’t seem to get away from the traffic congestion and seeing other KL/Selangor plates on the road. Even our favourite coffee shops are packed with KL people! Leaving us with watered down kopi pengs and kai si hor fun.

Let’s not forget the insane traffic jam we have to endure on the way back to our hometowns. This year, if you can, leave two to three days before CNY to avoid stand-still traffic. Make use of apps like Waze or Google Maps as well to see if and when the roads are congested before leaving home. Consider packing some bak kwa or pineapple tarts for the trip to make it a bit more bearable too!

Either that, or take advantage of public transportation like the bus or KTM. At least this way, you can nap all the way back to your hometown.


5. Getting excited about CNY and taking part in the annual cleaning, cooking and decorating duties

[Test] 7 Things Malaysian Young Adults Can Definitely Relate To Every Chinese New Year - World Of Buzz
Source: Saikung

Workout for the year: DONE!

Even after we sau koong at the office, we never really truly sau koong until and unless we’ve done all the above back home to prep for CNY.

It takes a lot out of us (it’s more tiring than going to the gym!), but it’s an annual tradition; plus, it’s a great way to usher in the new year! It can be quite a fun activity to do with our families too!

Helping with the household chores would also mean avoiding non-stop nagging from the parents!

And hopefully, a bigger ang pau


6. The struggle of practising self-control and making sure you don’t finish all the CNY goodies before CNY even starts

Pineapple tarts, love letters, nga ku, bak kwa, cookies, mandarin oranges; need we say more?

These guilty pleasures taste so good, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the season and eat as much as we possibly can! Especially since we only indulge in these goodies once a year!

Unfortunately, finishing all the goodies early would mean not having anything to serve your guests! Paiseh. So, if you want to prevent that, try getting other family members to hide the goodies from you, or buy your own tin of goodies to binge on. Don’t forget to drink lots of water though! Very “yeet hei” you know!


7. Going shopping again because you only have black/dark-coloured clothes in your wardrobe

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Source: TravelJournalist

Most of us millennials love our black and white themed wardrobes just fine, but once CNY is around the corner, we have no choice but to start adding a bit of red and bright-coloured outfits to the mix. Sigh.

Everyone knows it’s good luck to wear bright colours during CNY, so make sure you follow suit! Don’t let your aunties or uncles chase you out of their homes.

Besides, this gives you a perfectly good reason to go shopping! There’s probably a ton of CNY sales too!


8. Wanting to settle all your “debts” before CNY to avoid bad luck

[Test] 8 Things Malaysian Young Adults Can Definitely Relate To Every Chinese New Year - World Of Buzz

Source: shutterstock

You probably have some “debts” from the previous CNY, or maybe you owe some colleagues because you forgot to pack money for lunch a few times before; whatever it is, we like to enter the new year with a clean slate. Probably because we want to make sure we have enough money for more shopping and Cho Dai Di with relatives too.

Additionally, the longer you delay, the more debts you’ll accumulate, and das not good!

But I don’t see the people I owe money to very often, how like that?

Well, instead of going through the hassle of physically passing money to whomever you owe, or asking them for their bank account numbers, here’s a faster and easier way you can pay everyone back, even if they refuse!

All you have to do is transfer the amount you owe to their phone numbers! YES, PHONE NUMBER.

Way Gif

YES, we live in a canggih world now! Let us tell you all about this awesome service!

With UOB Personal Internet Banking, you can now opt to ‘Transfer Funds to Mobile Number’, and settle all your debts within minutes!

Check out this awesome video to find out more:

It’s safe and hassle-free! If you have relatives who are outstation and would like to send some ang pau money their way, you can easily make use of this option too! Recipients will be notified instantly via SMS.

Find out more about UOB and their super convenient internet banking services here.

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