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8 Little Things M’sians Do That’re Actually Making a HUGE Difference in the Environment


8 Little Things M'Sians Do That'Re Making A Huge Impact On The Environment - World Of Buzz 11
Source: Popspoken

We all know that the environment is in pretty bad shape and not just in Malaysia, but around the world too! It’s sad to see and because of us, global warming is also becoming a huge issue. Thankfully, there are still people who care a great deal about the environment and are doing their part to save it.

Here are some of the little things you may already be doing (or might want to start doing) to help save mother nature and leave a lasting impact on the environment:


1. Avoiding plastic straws and utensils, and bringing your own metal/bamboo/paper straws/utensils instead

8 Little Things M'sians Do That're Actually Making A Huge Difference In The Environment - World Of Buzz

Source: popspoken

If you haven’t gotten yourself a reusable straw, what’re you still waiting for? Metal straws are the new in thing after all. Don’t get left behind! Also, remember to bring your own cutleries to work or school so you don’t have to take the plastic ones when you tapau food!


2. Reusing plastic items like cup noodle packages as stationery holders and more

X Little Things M'sians Do That're Making A Huge Impact On The Environment - World Of Buzz

Source: youtube

Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid plastic items, especially since we kiam siap Malaysians love eating instant noodles from a cup, but the next time you find yourself stuck with plasticware, instead of just throwing them out, why not try repurposing them for other things!


3. Tapauing food from coffee shops with your own tupperware 

8 Little Things M'sians Do That're Making A Huge Impact On The Environment - World Of Buzz

Source: aromacookery

This may be a bit more ma fan, especially since you’ll have to wash your tupperware after using it, but imagine all the plastic/polystyrene packs you’re NOT using, not to mention the plastic bag and plastic utensils that come with it.


4. Reusing old newspapers to clean windows or use them as table mats

8 Little Things M'sians Do That're Making A Huge Impact On The Environment - World Of Buzz 1

Source: collegetimes


In fact, some even use newspapers to line the bottom of their trash bags to prevent leakages. This is especially useful since most of our plastic bags nowadays are the thin, biodegradable type. It’s good reinforcement.


5. Actually separating trash into plastic, paper and glass

8 Little Things M'sians Do That're Making A Huge Impact On The Environment - World Of Buzz 2

Source: estate123

Colourful recycling bins are almost everywhere now. At malls, office spaces, around housing areas, and more! And although there are tons of these colourful bins ready for Malaysians to use, not everyone discards their trash according to the bin. However, if you’ve been separating your trash at home or using the recycling bins properly, kudos to you! Keep it up, guys!


6. Girls who use menstrual cups/sponges instead of sanitary pads

8 Little Things M'sians Do That're Making A Huge Impact On The Environment - World Of Buzz 3

Source: indiahikes

Sanitary pads are wrapped in, as well as made of plastic (and cotton). The worst part is, you’re supposed to change your pad every two to three hours. Imagine how much plastic you’re disposing of every month! If you want a more environmental-friendly option, why not give menstrual cups or sponges a try! Can save money also leh!



8 Little Things M'sians Do That're Making A Huge Impact On The Environment - World Of Buzz 7

Source: walesonline

The world is not your garbage dump! The worst is when people just throw plastic waste everywhere and it either ends up in our drains, clogging them up completely or in nearby rivers and beaches.

8 Little Things M'sians Do That're Making A Huge Impact On The Environment - World Of Buzz 12

Source: coca-cola

In fact, just last year (2017), some of the items that were mostly found on our beaches included cigarette butts, food wrappers, plastic bottles and more. All these items may seem tiny and harmless, but with so many Malaysians thinking and doing the same thing, it’s killing our beaches lah!!!

This is why we cannot have nice things.


8. Taking part in Coastal Clean-up events 

8 Little Things M'sians Do That're Making A Huge Impact On The Environment - World Of Buzz 9

Source: coca-cola

8 Little Things M'sians Do That're Making A Huge Impact On The Environment - World Of Buzz 10

Source: coca-cola

Look at all that plastic waste! </3

It’s the least we can do for all the garbage we’ve been throwing out and plastic we’ve been using. In fact, did you know that Malaysia is one of the top 10 countries in the world when it comes to plastic waste? Horrible, right? We’re not just contributing to global warming, but our beaches are becoming filthier and our beloved sea creatures are dying and suffocating from all our plastic waste too. If we don’t do something about it now, it won’t be long before we run out of clean beaches to visit (and delicious sashimi to eat)! Remember, it starts with you!

So, if you want to do your part and help the environment, why not join the International Coastal Clean-up initiative by Coca-Cola and Reef Check Malaysia and help clean up our beaches!

Deets below!

22 September 2018, Saturday

Any beach you think needs some cleaning!

Together with Reef Check Malaysia, Coca-Cola is hoping to get Malaysians from all over to take part in this nationwide effort to clean up our beaches.

1. Pick any beach you think is in need of some cleaning, and commit to organizing a team to help clean it on 22 September
2. Once you’ve chosen a beach and organized a team, email [email protected] for further details
3. And during the International Coastal Clean-Up Day, be sure to record the data of trash found using the ‘Clean Swell’ app, which you can download here!

For more info, check out Coca-Cola Malaysia’s Facebook page!


But why must we record the data of trash found leh???

It’s extremely important to know roughly how much we waste because this allows everyone near and far to understand the urgency and reality of what’s going on in the environment when we litter or use plastic ware. Being able to share these stats with other Malaysians helps to create an awareness and to avoid underestimating just how bad the environment is actually getting. (Hint: It’s really, really bad!)

So, make sure you block out that date and come be a part of this awesome nationwide movement, ok! Don’t say we bojio!

RSVP or find out more here!

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