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7 Tips To Nail That First Date Or Interview



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Contrary to popular beliefs, an interview is not a boring and strenuous session. More often than not, interviewers are looking for that “chemistry” with potential candidates. So you can say that an interview is very much like a date. Hence, you should prepare for an interview as you would prepare for a date. Below are some pointers that may help you out:


1. Background Check


Before asking someone out, we would usually stalk them on Facebook, Instagram or ask around to see if anyone knows them, right? We wouldn’t want to be dating a serial killer, would we? You should do the same with the company that you’re about to apply to. Pay attention to their working culture, industry and available jobs. Is it what you’re looking for? Could it be your ‘soul mate’?


2. Grooming

Image-1 (1)

Want to impress your date? Make sure you tidy up that beard, shave your legs (ladies!), take a shower and brush your teeth! You wouldn’t impress the interviewer or your date with a bad breath and body odor!


3. Dress to Kill (or not!)


As much as we would like to look our best for a hot date, we can’t be wearing an evening gown or suit and tie in a pizza joint! Neither can we wear scruffy jeans and t-shirts to a posh restaurant. Generally, for an interview, we would dress a little better than what we would consider suitable for work. However, if the company has a casual-wear policy, it would be good to wear something smart or business casual but not too shabby.


4. Etiquette

hey beautiful

Chivalry isn’t dead, guys! It can’t hurt to be extra polite to your date. Same goes for the interviewer. Make sure to offer your hand for a firm handshake, maintain eye contact, be aware of your body posture (do not cross your arm or slouch) and remember to smile! Try to enjoy the ‘date’ even if you’re super nervous!


5. Converse, not dominate!

long convo

Now that your date is underway, be sure to capture his or her attention and not turn them off! Two way communication is key. Do not hog the conversation and make sure to watch your language. Swearing on the first date is a big no-no! It’s the same in an interview. Keep a professional but friendly and engaging conversation. Talking too much is not a good thing and be sure to ask questions to show your interest in the job. An interview is an opportunity for you to evaluate your future employer (not just the other way round!)


6. Come prepared!


While many prefer to just ‘wing it’, some preparation for your date could do wonders. Just a simple plan on what to do and where to eat may change an aimless date to a great time for you and your date. If planning is not your ‘thing’, be sure to bring enough cash for some impromptu activities. Similarly, preparation for an interview is extremely crucial. You need to make sure that you have all your documents ready and has done all the groundworks (company research, short introduction about yourself and etc). But don’t be afraid to give in to some spur-of-the-moment jokes (appropriate ones!) and questions. Nothing ease the tension of an interview or a date like a good laugh!


7. Kiss Goodbye?

awkward kiss

The final moments of a date is as crucial as the first impression to determine if there will be a second or third date or maybe even a long term relationship. Watch out for signs if your departure will end with a kiss or a polite handshake. Winding down an interview session is much easier than a date. A good firm handshake and a sincere thank you for the time given is equivalent to a lingering kiss goodnight! Depending on the situation, a cheeky “See you soon!” could gain you some points too!

Follow these tips and get ready to nail that interview and if things don’t work out, at least you gained some experiences. If your interviewer is cute, who’s stopping you from asking him or her out. #YOLO and good luck!

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