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7 Everyday Things Malaysians Do & Use That Actually Cause Acne Breakouts



7 Everyday Things Malaysians Do & Use That Actually Cause Acne Breakouts - World Of Buzz 2
Source: Self & SengkangBabies

Regardless of age, race or gender, acne breakouts can be an issue for anyone and everyone. It can be a problem when you hit puberty up until you start working and have a family of your own. Acne can also be a pain to deal with (literally) depending on the severity of your breakouts. It hurts more than just the looks!

Well, if you struggle with acne or sensitive skin, here are some everyday things you do and come in contact with that might be aggravating your breakouts:

1. Your 100-year-old bantal busuk and/or pillowcase

X Everyday Things Malaysians Use That Actually Cause Acne Breakouts - World Of Buzz

Source: shewasokay

Did you know you’re supposed to change your pillowcase every three days? Not three months!

The amount of dirt, oil, and bacteria accumulated on your pillowcase and bantal busuk over the months or years will surely cause mayhem on your skin. You spend approximately eight hours in bed daily so you can only imagine how much filth is accumulated on the pillowcase and bantal busuk after each night.

So make sure you give your bantal busuk a wash every once in a while and replace your pillowcase every three days.


2. Your own hair, especially if you have long hair

X Everyday Things Malaysians Use That Actually Cause Acne Breakouts - World Of Buzz 1

Source: self

Even if you wash your hair daily, there’s still plenty of oil, dirt, and dust that get stuck to the strands. Also, if you’re the type to rush through your hair washing, there’s a high chance a lot of the shampoo residue and chemicals are still stuck in your hair. These chemicals and bacteria can transfer onto your face whenever your hair brushes against your skin, and that’s not good.

Things become worse if you apply hair oils or other products because while these products are nourishing for your hair, it’s terrible for your face.


3. You’re always on your phone

It’s a known fact that your smartphone is infested with germs and bacteria. You WhatsApp, game, watch videos and more with this one device. Many of you even use it while sitting on the toilet bowl! Imagine how much bacteria is collected on that screen.

If you make a lot of calls with your phone and your face always comes in contact with it, you might want to consider using earphones or speaker mode to speak. Otherwise, wipe your screen every day with alcohol swabs to get rid of bacteria.


4. Spraying body mist, colognes or perfumes on your neck

X Everyday Things Malaysians Use That Actually Cause Acne Breakouts - World Of Buzz 3

Source: kafkaesque

This is yet another product many of us use daily that we don’t realise can cause acne breakouts. They’re filled with chemicals and fragrances that can cause a lot of harm to your skin. This is especially so if you have sensitive skin. So the next time you’re spraying perfume on yourself, spray it on your wrist before dabbing it on your neck. This way you won’t accidentally spray your face.

Remember, just because it smells nice doesn’t mean it’s safe for your skin! It usually means the complete opposite.


5. That minty tube of toothpaste you use every day

X Everyday Things Malaysians Do & Use That Actually Cause Acne Breakouts - World Of Buzz

Source: wikimedia

If you struggle with acne or a rash around your mouth (commonly known as perioral dermatitis, a type of acne), it might be caused by your toothpaste. This issue can sometimes be caused by the fluoride in your toothpaste which might be too harsh for your skin.

Try opting for toothpaste without fluoride or for sensitive teeth instead. The ingredients in these kinds of toothpaste may be less harsh.


6. Having drinks the night before

X Everyday Things Malaysians Do & Use That Actually Cause Acne Breakouts - World Of Buzz 1

Source: asiasociety

Having alcoholic beverages is fine, but having it at night, close to bedtime will mean going to sleep dehydrated and having lots of toxins from the alcohol stuck in your body until morning. The toxins and dehydration will cause your skin to dry out and age faster, thus leading to acne as well.

If you’re planning a night out with friends, make sure you drink lots of water after to flush everything out before going to bed.


7. Your everyday facial cleanser 

7 Everyday Things Malaysians Do & Use That Actually Cause Acne Breakouts - World Of Buzz

Source: istock

You read that right. The very cleanser that’s supposed to help clean and improve your skin’s appearance could be the very reason your acne is breaking out. This can be due to many reasons including chemicals, artificial fragrances, colouring and many more that are found in your cleanser’s list of ingredients.

In fact, if your cleanser gives you that tight, squeaky clean feeling after each wash, that’s a good telltale sign that the cleanser is far too harsh for your skin.

Remember that any good cleanser you buy should always come with these benefits:

  • Soap-free – To avoid over-drying your skin
  • Fragrance-free – It won’t irritate your skin
  • Dermatologist recommended – You’ll never go wrong finding a product that’s trusted by doctors and dermatologists as these medical experts will only recommend the best for you with your skin health in mind.
  • Non-comedogenic – It won’t clog your pores, hence reduce breakouts
  • pH balanced – The pH reading closely matches your skin’s so as to ensure it doesn’t strip your skin of its natural protective barrier
  • Clinically proven to be non-irritating
  • Made with a safe and gentle formulation that cleans while still leaving your skin feeling moisturised (it also will not sting the eyes)

With that said, if you’re keen to try out something new in terms of your face wash that comes with all the above benefits, you can opt to try Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser instead! Healthy skin is something all women want, after all!

“More Foam & Bubbles Better!”, If This Is You In The Shower, You Need To Read This - World Of Buzz 4

This soap-free, Dermatologist-recommended product is suitable for all skin types including dry, sensitive, oily, combination, normal, even those with eczema or psoriasis, and will give your skin the tender loving care it deserves.

So if you’re someone who’s been struggling with acne and other skin issues, make sure you remember these tips! Find out more about Cetaphil here or purchase one at a local pharmacy or official e-store today!

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