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6 Real Reasons December Was The Most ‘Headache Month’ For All M’sians That We Won’t Miss This 2020



Source: SalesNinja & Forbes

Yup, you blinked back in March and suddenly it’s the end of the year! Just when we thought 2020 is coming to an end… December creeps upon us. For most of us, December is a month of festivities and joyful activities. But it’s also a month of endless headaches because it’s just somehow so problematic!

Although this year may be a little different than the other years, let us take you on a walk down memory lane to remember why December is the most ‘Headache Month’ for us Malaysians:


1. When there was no morning rush hour because of cuti sekolah but malls, restaurants & everywhere else were insanely crowded

Remember that feeling of waking up extra early just to avoid the morning traffic? Well, in December we usually get to indulge in a few extra minutes of sleep because schools are closed which means no morning traffic jam! Yay!

But while we were cleared of the morning traffic, almost every mall and restaurant was super packed with families bringing their kids out for outings with their friends! Well, as they say, you can’t have it all…


2. When all your colleagues took leave & you were stuck with all the work

As we all know, December was also the time where everyone went on a long break or a family holiday. Unfortunately for those who had run out of annual leaves or didn’t plan a holiday, you got stuck with all the extra work!

This meant longer hours, extra conference calls and even work that you didn’t sign up for. That is the real headache!


3. When you wanted to balik kampung but no matter when you planned to leave, it was always jam 

It was also pretty common for us to take a break and head back to our kampungs to visit our relatives! But no matter how you planned your journey in December, there will always be traffic! Most of the time, you were left with no choice but to embrace it so better get some snacks ready for that long ride back.


4. When you dreamed of going on a beach holiday but it’s monsoon season

Many of us saved up our annual leaves to go on a holiday and it’s obviously more cost-efficient to go cuti cuti Malaysia. After all, we have such pristine beaches and beautiful blue oceans! But wait… THE RAIN!

Most islands in Malaysia are located on the East Coast that experiences monsoon season from November to March which means the hotels and islands are closed until the season is over. So there goes your year-end beach trip…


5. When you wanted to save money but there were year-end/Christmas/new year/pre-CNY sales everywhere 

At the end of the year, we tend to reflect back on our personal finances and plan for the new year. But in Malaysia, it’s pretty hard to do that because everywhere where you look, there’s a sale happening! Nowadays you don’t even have to go to the mall to shop, most online stores participate in the year-end sale too.

Most of the time, you’re not even spending for yourself as December is a month famous for its festivities which means you’re also shopping for other people! How to save money like that?!


6. When Christmas was approaching and you still had no idea what gifts to get for friends & family

December is also known as the most wonderful time of the year because of CHRISTMAS! The celebrations with friends and family are something all of us looked forward to at the end of every year.

As all the major malls put up their amazing Christmas decorations and the famous Year-End Sales greet us, it was also another headache for us to think about all the gifts! I mean, what is Christmas without presents right?? Even though Christmas may be slightly different this year, it’s still important to put some thoughts into your gifts!

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