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5 Things Only Malaysians Will Feel About Black Friday



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Black Friday. It’s every retailer’s nightmare. This is the day where massive (not big), MASSIVE discounts are given. People in other parts of the world go crazy over huge discounted goods whereas in Malaysia it’s not really a thing here.

So here’s what you’re probably feeling right now.


1. What is Black Friday? Can eat wan ar?

For those who didn’t know what is this occasion you call Black Friday, you’re probably seeing it all over your social media news feed and wonder if its edible.

Sorry, it’s not.


2. Why aren’t we celebrating Black Friday?

As for the ones who do know what Black Friday is, you’ll know it’s a huge day for Americans and people from the UK. Things are discounted up to 90% off store wide and people are grabbing things off the shelf at the speed of light, especially electronics. I want my huge sales too!

So I can buy my things like this:



3. More epic videos to watch

With great discounts, comes great responsibility. Too bad shoppers aren’t really responsible. Fights and brawls break out in malls which end up on Facebook or YouTube. But hey, I’m not complaining. It’s quite entertaining really, when some of these people fight over the silliest of stuff, like a vegetable steamer. Yes, people actually fought over a. vegetable. steamer.


4. Just sippin’ my black tea

Since we couldn’t be part of the action, we can only watch these crazy people queue up since 6am or fight over discounted stuff while we sit back, relax and sip on our black tea oh so majestically. And maybe comment how stupid these people are acting.


5. Thank God for online shopping

Get Up to 80% OFF + Extra 50% OFF at Shopee NOW!!! (Till 11.59pm, 29 Dec)

It’s the new age! So, why bother putting the effort to leave home and fight over bargains when you can shop at the comfort of your own house? These awesome deals that go as high as 80% storewide are just clicks away!

Besides, online shopping platforms like Shopee are some of the best places, we Malaysians can enjoy Black Friday. Shopee is throwing massive deals such as discounts of up to 80% and additional 50% OFF on top of that on their Black Friday Lelong collection! They’re even running heavily discounted bargains for less than RM20 at their Black Friday Under RM20 collection. So thank the Lord for the internet!

And if you don’t believe me on how low the deals can go, check out their promotion banners here! But be quick, deals will end tomorrow midnight at 11.59pm on Sunday.

Click here to enjoy massive discounts before it’s over!

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