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18 Things Only Malaysian Guys Who Go Clubbing Will Understand



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Featured image: EDMdroid; Zirca

1. 99% of the time we are there to get lucky


2. Offering a girl drinks only because we have an agenda


3. If you think girls who are lonely are easy targets, think again

Sometimes it’s even easier to approach girls in a group


4. The moment when you had a great time with this girl but you forgot to take her phone number

You’ll probably never see her again.


5. You wonder where the ballers get their money and if you would ever be like them one day


6. Persistence is not necessarily key

Sometimes it’s good to know when to retreat back.


7. That moment when she’s hot from a far, but she’s actually far from hot


8. The combination of alcohol and club lights can be very deceiving.

But it’ll help you out with point number 7 because it’ll make anyone look 10 times hotter.


9. When alcohol is only split among the guys

The next day we’ll be like:


10. That cheapskate friend that didn’t pay because he said he’s not going to drink, but ends up drinking more than you


11. That feeling when you paid for a girl but she went off with another dude


12. When you thought a girl likes you but she likes every other guys in the club too


13. Looking at all the try-hards trying to get attention from the girls on the dance floor, ESPECIALLY the ones on stage

smirk movies christian bale bruce wayne the dark knight


14. Being the birthday boy only means you’re getting smashed tonight

sherlock spinning bbc pass out


15. Thinking that a not-good-looking guy with a hot chick only means he’s loaded

money cash make it rain eastbound and down kenny powers


16. Goes for a girl, gets rejected but tells your friends that she’s “not your type” instead


17. When your jam comes on

How you think you dance:


How you really dance:

dancing swag wtf kid crazy frog


18. At the end of the night, what really matters is laughing at your drunk friends before taking them safely home

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