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13 Struggles of Every Malaysian During Primary School



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Attending primary school was a thing of a distance past. It happened so many years ago and yet, some of the best (or worse) memories are etched into our minds. However, being so young and naive did have their own struggles and here’s some that almost every Malaysian could relate to. Here are some of the struggles of a Malaysian primary school kid:


1. ALWAYS losing stationary

Especially for rulers and erasers. These things are always never seem to stay in your pencil box.


2. Buying new erasers! …only to lose them afterwards

Ahhh anyone else loved the smell of new erasers? Their clean edges and their beautiful prints made you keep coming back to the kedai korprasi to buy more. Unfortunately, they will not last very long.

No, they didn’t suddenly just vanish. But some other school mate took them away because you lost in the “rubber game”.

Eraser wars

Source: coffeeticks


3. The crave for a second helping from the Milo truck

Image source: Farehan

The Milo truck (and sometimes Vico, Coco Crunch or Honey Stars) is the best surprise ever during primary school years. They may come halfway through class, or during your school’s sports day. Either way, the free sample puts a smile on our cute little faces. It’s just too bad their cup is as small as our hands, maybe even tinier!

Those cups will never be enough and you find yourself craving for that delicious second serving. Maybe this was part of their plan all along!


4. The “I don’t friend you” quote

Image source: ohcikgu

It’s cute and funny how when we were younger, the worst thing we can come up for a threat is friendship. Any little thing at all, like not lending an eraser or that mechanical pencil and friendships between two people will be in danger.


5. Dropping your fancy pencil box

Remember this epic 3 layer pencil box which made anyone feel like the coolest kid on the block? If you ever had this, you’d know the pain when you accidentally drop it. That fragile tin pencil box easily becomes dented and you won’t find yourself cool anymore.


6. Dying from embarrassment at every single thing

Terjatuh la. Being teased for the silliest things la. Every small thing you do or were laughed at made our little naive mind die of embarrassment every single time. These small things once felt like the world to us, and now that you look back at it, you’d probably would’ve laughed at yourself for feeling that way.


7. Trying to buy Ding Dang, Tora or Jo Jo.


The amount of persuasion you need to convince your parents to buy these for you. Damn. It really wasn’t easy. ESPECIALLY when you decide to get the Jo Jo which is like premium stuff back then.


8. The tease-flirt

Source: hazmanfadzil.com

For some reason, primary school kids decided that when you like someone, the way to their hearts is by teasing them. Boys would come picking on their crush, pulling their hair, playing “catching-catching”, verbally teasing them as well. And somehow, girls back then did fall for these tricks.


9. Ear pull squats for punishment

denda sekolah ketuk ketampi

It’s pretty embarrassing to be called out by your teacher for not finishing your homework. But it’s worse when she decides to punish students by doing ear pulls. Can I die from embarrassment again?


10.The Cane

However, nothing sets us mischievous kids straight like canes. Those are a primary school students’ worse fear.


11. 3 words: Meja tanpa Laci

When there is no conpartment on the lower part of your table or that part is already broken, that feeling for having that table is memang sial. Now where am I going to put all my books??


12. Haunted Toilets

Image source: kenleewrites

For SOME reason, almost every Malaysian school would have rumours of their toilets being haunted, usually the girl ones.


13. When a boy catching their fly on the pant’s zip

When we’re younger, we were stupid and didn’t know any better. Some boys who are curious or plain mischievous were known to play with their “little birds” at the back of the class or out of sight. It’s not an unheard story of a boy accidentally terkepit on his pants’ zipper and all hell breaks lose.

That’s why this is a lesson to be learnt since young:


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