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12 Things Only Malaysian Science Stream Students Will Understand


12 Things Only Science Stream Students Will Understand - World Of Buzz 1
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Regardless of what stream we ended up taking in sekolah menengah, whether it was Art Stream or Science Stream, we’ve all had our fair share of hearing a ton of biased, stereotypical comments being thrown at us by friends or aunties and uncles.

Well, if you are–or were–from Science Stream, here are some things you’ll completely, 100 per cent relate to:

1. You’re automatically perceived as the nerd or smarty pants in your group, especially by the Art Stream students

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Despite the fact that you’re struggling to pass Add Maths and getting straight B’s or C’s in your exams.


2. That surprised look you get every time people find out you love to party, or listen to rock music/ EDM/ hip hop

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No, science stream students don’t just sit around sipping tea and listening to jazz all day.

Also, it’s not like what we study has any correlation with our music preference or hobbies, kan?


3. Your friends/ relatives/ teachers instantly assume you’ll become a doctor or engineer in the future

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Padahal, you actually want to become a writer or businessman.


4. Questioning half of the things you’re studying and when dafuq you’ll ever use it in life

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Algebra? Calculus? Sure, let me find ‘x’ when I buy something from the supermarket!



5. ‘Automatically’ being placed into science stream just because you were ‘smart’ or did well for your PMR/PT3

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Let’s be honest, you didn’t give it a second thought. It’s a normal thing to just masuk Science Stream right?


6. Plus you know either your parents or kepochi relatives WILL freak tf out if you said you wanted to pursue Art Stream instead

12 Things Only Malaysian Science Stream Students Will Understand - World Of Buzz

To those kepochi relatives: NO ONE ASKED FOR YOUR OPINION!


7. Wishing you could take Art Stream subjects like Ekonomi Asas or English Literature

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These subjects always seemed a lot more interesting but we could never take them because we were stuck in science stream. Even if we were allowed to, we’d have to attend extra classes and study for additional papers during SPM. As if 10 subject not enough.


8. Attending your first few classes and realising you never want to pursue anything science-related in the future, ever

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Science subjects are cool and everything, but as a full-time job? Count me out, tks.


9. Having high hopes pinned on us like, “you’re the future of Malaysia”

Best Gif Wtf Gif

Umm, what?

We are ALL the future of Malaysia regardless of what we study and we ALL have a role to play. Not just us science students, excuse me.


10. “You’re all smart students, you shouldn’t be talking in class”

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As if talking is so shocking right? I mean come on, we’re 16 and 17 year olds! What do you expect!


11. The never ending battle between Science vs. Art stream students on who has it tougher

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This argument probably still happens now between friends, even though we’ve left the menengah life a long time ago. Why so kiasuBoth also hard lah.


12. That dramatic gasp everyone does when you did something wrong or bad ass because apparently, all Science Stream students are Mr./Mrs. Goodie Two Shoes (and are NOT supposed to be cool)

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Whether we skipped class, got into trouble for talking, or kena denda because we reached school after Perhimpunan started, it’s always shocking to our friends. We can be pretty bad ass too okay!

Well, there you have it Science Stream peeps, just some of the most annoying things we had to go through while in high school. Obviously, there are still a hundred other annoying moments we have yet to include, but the list would be too crazy long wei.

Stay tuned for more!


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12 Things Only Science Stream Students Will Understand - World Of Buzz

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