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12 Most Common Type Of Profile Pictures On Facebook



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Your Facebook profile picture is an important window into your life and your choices. Like all things subjective, there is no wrong or right. There are awesome ones and then there are less awesome ones, annoying even. Here are a list of some of the pictures you are sure to come across.


‘I CAN’T BOTHER WITH A PICTURE’ PICTURE. Profile picture? Ain’t nobody got time for that!




ITCHY BOTTOM SYNDROME. We all have that friend who practically changes their profile picture every few weeks. 




False Advertising. We all want to put on our best front when presenting ourselves, without a doubt. How much is too much manipulation?




The Duckface. Pretending to be cute? Or just a way to make your face slimmer?



…but what is worse is when a man does it.


That counts more as a hamsap duckface, but you get the idea on how ridiculous it looks.



The Fitspirational Picture. Identifiable by gym attire and posts that include ‘EAT CLEAN, TRAIN DIRTY’, ‘DO YOU EVEN LIFT’, ‘DREAMS DON’T WORK UNLESS YOU DO’ and so on.




 The Badly Photoshopped Picture


Getting six packs is tough enough, but 10? Dude, what secret workout have you been doing? To prevent epic fails like this, take a page from the Biebs and don’t photoshop – just get a friend to help!




Act cool pose. Most people would agree that they’ve came across your typical head cocked to the side pose, usually complemented with a guitar. Heck, admit it, you probably even had one yourself!

guitar cool



High Angle Selfie. Usually consisting of holding your phone or camera at an angle of more than 30 degrees, and also commonly used by the female species. The downward face shot makes you appear to have a skinnier face and bigger eyes. 





The Baby Photo. Do I have to say more? These apply to parents. Most of the time it’s not just the profile picture that is of their offspring but 90% of any new posts are in one way or another about how brilliant their children are.




The Seat Belt Picture. Coz’ you just have to let the world know how good you look when you drive.





The Couple Picture. Oh yeah, we’re sooooooooo in love and we want the whole world to know! 




The Macam-Yes Flawless Face. With the vast technology growth nowadays, your smartphone can do wonders to your selfies. With a little click here, and another click there, an acne-ridden face becomes as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Just don’t go overboard and risk altering your whole face.


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